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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #848
Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for April 2012

1st April

April Fool's Day - Poisson d'Avril.

National Day: San Marino.

Republic Day: Iran.

2nd April

Malvinas Day: Argentina.

4th April

Liberation Day (1945): Hungary.

Memorial Day of Chiang Kai-shek: Taiwan.

National Day: Senegal.

5th April

Arbor Day: South Korea.

6th April

Good Friday.

Chakri Day: Thailand.

Uprising Day: Sudan.

7th April

Women's Day: Mozambique.

8th April

Easter Sunday (Western)

9th April

Martyr's Day: Tunisia.

11th April

Heroes' Day: Costa Rica.

Liberation Day: Uganda.

13th April

Songkran: Thailand.

National Day: Chad.

14th April

Fast and Prayer Day: Liberia.

Pan American Day: Honduras.

Thingyan: Myanmar.

15th April

Easter Sunday (Eastern)

National Day: Niger.

16th April

Independence Day: Cyprus.

New Year's Day: Myanmar.

17th April

Independence Day: Cambodia.

National Day: Syria.

18th April

Independence Day: Zimbabwe.

19th April

Independence Day: Venezuela.

King's Birthday: Swaziland.

Patriots' Day: Uruguay.

Republic Day: Sierra Leone.

21st April

The Queen's Birthday: United Kingdom.

Tiradentes: Brazil.

22nd April

Earth Day.

23rd April

National Sovereignty: Turkey.

St. George's Day: England.

24th April


25th April

Anzac Day: Australia, New Zealand.

Liberation Day: Italy, Portugal.

National Flag Day: Swaziland.

Sinai Liberation Day: Egypt.

26th April

Union Day: Tanzania.

27th April

Independence Day: Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Togo.

30th April

Fall of Saigon: United States of America.

Independence Day: Israel.

Queen's Birthday: Netherlands.

Vappu Day: Finland

We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

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What's in a Business Name?

By Karen E Williams   

When I set up my business, I went through many deliberations over my business name. In training we were advised to use our own names, but for people like myself with a name that is popular, that didn't seem like the best option. So like a lot of coaches (which was where my mindset was at the time), I looked for business names that were inspiring, exciting or that meant something to me.

Like many coaches, I hadn't niched at that point and to be honest, many of the names that inspired me were already taken - pretty much expected I'm sure you'll agree. But it's not just the name that's important, there are other things that are useful to consider.

1. Choose a name that will stand the test of time as your business develops - if your name is unusual, using your name is a good option. But if not, consider it wisely. You may change your area of expertise, your niche, you may tweak the type of work you do, the problems you solve and the clients that you work with.

2. Your business name is part of your branding so make sure it is consistent with who you are and what you do. Think about the image it portrays and how you feel when introducing yourself using this name. It may mean something to you, but will it mean anything to others?

3. Make sure the domain is available - both the.co.uk and the.com too - then register them for your business. This will save any confusion in the future if another business chooses the same name. Also if your business name can be spelt in many different ways, make sure you register the various combinations too. For example, a word with two or more words could be spelt with hyphens between each word or without.


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4. When you check your domain name, make sure that the words when they have been typed without spaces don't spell something that may be difficult to remember, rude or something that will be frequently misspelt.

5. Check Companies House for your preferred name. Although you may decide to be a sole trader rather than limited company, it makes sense to check whether your name is already registered to another company.

Like many things, I wish this type of information had been available when I was starting out in business. I'd love to have your thoughts, comments and experiences.

Copyright Karen Williams 2012. All Rights Reserved

About the Author:
Karen Williams runs Self Discovery Coaching and is the author of The Secrets of Successful Coaches, which reached #1 in the Business charts on Amazon. Having interviewed 24 top performance coaches, Karen has learnt from the experts how to create a successful coaching business and mentors coaches to do the same.

Download Karen's free report, '20 Reasons Why You Can't Make Money As A Life Coach': http://www.thesecretsofsuccessfulcoaches.com/freebie

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Karen_E_Williams 


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Finding a Niche Market for Your Business

By Craig Hawkins

Selecting a niche for your business, goes a long way to taking the effort out of your marketing efforts. Too many individuals start up a business with a woolly mind-set...unable to categorize their business, and instead simply going for a very general audience.

Good marketing, requires clear thinking, and a direct 'front-line-attack', in knowing who your niche audience is going to be. Once you have selected a particular niche for your business, you will find it far easier to plan and create a template for your business. Having a niche market to aim at - focuses the mind - and forces you to think in a focused fashion.

There are several methods to identifying a potentially profitable niche. One method, is to simply direct your attention to your favorite hobby, or toward a subject, in which you are already fairly knowledgeable. Once you have decided on a possible niche market, or preferably several possibilities...then the research begins. This is where many on-line marketers fall down, they fail to research, this can be a costly error...both in time and money - never mind self-esteem.

Research is the ultimate watch word and is ahead of the - 'word gang' - in every marketing plan to which you are likely to partake. Research really is everything...it is the fundamental starting point. Get this right and everything else will naturally follow. Get the research wrong, then you are potentially doomed to failure, before you even start.

So, what is meant by research? - this is such a general term. Well, in terms of marketing a particular niche, it essentially means researching the viability of the niche. Is it potentially profitable...or is there too much competition. And that is essentially it. Good research is almost magical...when you have done your research well, it is like a having a 'search engine' in your head, that naturally 'spits-out' a game plan or template, that focuses your mind, in the direction you need to proceed. But an under-researched niche will leave you mentally fuzzy - and not having a direct game plan on which to proceed.

One is of course, not obligated to begin research within a niche with which they are already knowledgeable...in fact, in many cases, the niche of your interest may not be viable, in terms of competition - either too much or too little. In this case, simply start with a blank slate. Simply do some research on different subjects, and find something, that you may be interested in focusing on. If it is a viable potential niche - then go for it.

Obviously this second option, may involve more work....But you may actually benefit, in the long term from greater rewards.

Are you optimizing your Website/Blog. Optimization is a combination of many things... such as finding good keywords, and then drawing upon good content that is relative to those keywords, and capturing that content and keyword optimization - under the 'umbrella' of your niche.

Craig Hawkins

About the Author: Interested in self development ...and what makes the business genius tick. Addicted to popular science books - and applying scientific thinking to business.

Also love mathematics ....and like to apply mathematical thinking to business. It is amazing what you can find out about your business 'in-the-numbers'. You can find out more about your business, through studying the numbers, than you can through almost any other activity.

I'm at my happiest when I'm creating something new. Whether it's a new header for a Blog, an article, or getting creative with HTML ....no matter, whatever the activity ....when creating, I feel alive. Business, lends itself to creativity like nothing else ...it is such a varied and wide-ranging activity.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Craig_Hawkins

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Common Technical Questions

I have ads but I am not getting many hits to my web site from the ad. Is there anything I can do to improve it?

There are always things you can do to improve your ad. The first is to check and test the URL (website address) you placed in the Ad to ensure there are no errors or typos. Then test the ad your self by clicking on the View button and then click on the ad header to see if it is going to your web site.

If everything is technically sound another suggestion would be to look at the ad itself, is it written so that it is enticing to the viewer? The Ad Heading is like a newspaper headline, they will read the story underneath if the headline grabs there attention. If the story under the heading is good they will click on the ad. This can take a few edits and rewrites to get the results you want.

If everything is technically sound another suggestion would be to look at the ad itself, is it written so that it is enticing to the viewer? The Ad Heading is like a newspaper headline, they will read the story underneath if the headline grabs there attention. If the story under the heading is good they will click on the ad. This can take a few edits and rewrites to get the results you want.

If you have any questions regarding email notifications or if we can help in anyway please contact us.

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