Physical And Mental Reality Checks For Lucid Dreaming

As you probably know, a reality check is a small habit whereby you test your reality and this allows you to become lucid (self aware and in control) during your dreams.

As most articles sort of gloss over the fact there are two very different ways to reality check, we thought we’d clear a few things up.

It’s important to combine both mental AND physical reality checks in order to be completely sure you’re dreaming and therefore be completely Lucid. Your brain can very easily be distracted and led down a path of chaos and non-lucidity if you’re not careful.

It is therefore, essential to combine these two types of reality check. Start by doing a physical reality check, as these are the easiest to do at the start of your dream.

(This is because as mentioned before, your brain goes through different levels of awareness. At the start of your dream, your mind is still in ‘non-logic’ mode therefore mental reality checks will just not work.. It would go something like this; ‘Where was I 10 minutes ago?’.. ‘Well, I was over there flying across that mountain being chased by that giant flying hippo, of course’)
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