Lost all your money after investing in a fraud scheme?

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Lost all your money after investing in a fraud scheme? Here’s how First Options Recovery can help you recover it.
The number of binary scams is on the rise and a lot of people are falling victim to such dubious practices. Owing to false promises, extraordinary returns and quick turnaround time, traders are succumbing to such frauds over and over again. Here are some of them:

OneCoin - Probably the biggest crypto scams in India, where people fell victim to. Major Crypto websites already did a thorough investigation as to what this Ponzi scheme is and warned all the investors. Eventually, 30 million dollars were seized by Chinese authorities, offices were shut down and all crypto operations were seized. People from India, Ireland, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Norway were the most affected.

BitConnect - The American crypto scam in the making where users used to exchange Bitcoin for Bitconnect Coin expecting astronomical returns of their money. The company also ran a Ponzi lending program wh
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