Ways to Mitigate Construction Risks using BIM Workflow Manag

Date9/23/2020 4:11:08 AM
PriceUSD 422,013.00
There is always an element of risk when a construction project is undertaken, be it the risk of cost overruns, project lags, building performance, sustainability, and more. Along these lines, adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) can de-risk multiple areas in a project life-cycle, these challenges are observed at the design phase, construction phase, and the operational phase. Failure to adopt risk-management can lead to problems in project objectives as it influences spatial design, land-use planning, and future urban planning. Using BIM and Risk Management steps, project stakeholders can leverage the tools to generate crucial data and perform high-impact risk-analysis.
For any construction project, risks are an inevitable phenomenon. To mitigate the chance of risks or adverse impact on every project lifecycle, risk management is adopted for construction project management. Risk Management can be integrated with various processes or technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM), Automation, IT, etc. As BIM is complex in itself, it is imperative to create a robust framework to identify risk identification, response, and monitoring.
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