... a mask in time, saves nine - must see, 46 second video!

Date10/21/2020 3:55:04 PM
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This is one of the important articles about the COVID-19 pandemic.
E LaMont Gregory MSc (Oxford), a decades-long clinical researcher, in a single still image, and a 46 second video, presents the primary air-borne means of transmission and the resulting relative transmission and infection rates for all the possible interactions between those wearing a mask, and those not wearing a mask.
Surprisingly, the second highest transmission rate, after no one wearing a mask, occurs when an infected person not wearing a mask, comes into contact with a healthy person wearing a mask.
Although counter intuitive, the explanation calls into question the efficacy of cloth face masks, which are in wide circulation. Some cloth face masks have a pocket into which a N95 grade filter may be inserted, but not all of them do.
Unless the material from which the cloth covering is hydrophobic, moisture repelling, its use is counter indicated.
There is an urgent need for face mask standards.
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