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Relationship management coaching Relationship management coaching
City:Gusau, Zamfara, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Financial)
Date:9/23/2020 11:37:44 AM (2 days ago)
Description:If you wish to transform your company into a success then Relationship management coaching is a must to consider. Your company can achieve similar achievements by training leaders through proven re...
data analyticsdata analytics
City:Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Financial)
Date:8/29/2020 4:22:16 PM (27 days ago)
Description:KPMG’s global network can help turn data into value. We have decades of experience analyzing tax, audit and business data.Trusted D&AStart deriving value from data with insights you can trustBusine...
Employee management coach NigeriaEmployee management coach Nigeria
City:Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Financial)
Date:8/26/2020 10:49:22 AM (30 days ago)
Description:If you want to be a successful person, you have to reach your coveted goal. One must have a craving towards their goal to achieve some beautiful things in their life. You can take advice from emplo...
nigeria credit cardsnigeria credit cards
City:Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Financial)
Date:8/24/2020 9:45:44 AM (32 days ago)
Description:Having an O3 Card is compared with having a pleasure box that can cater for unexpected expenses and short-term needs. It allows you to purchase products or services whenever and wherever you want, ...
credit card for companycredit card for company
City:Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Financial)
Date:8/11/2020 10:23:47 AM (45 days ago)
Description:The O3 Corporate Credit Card can be issued for out-of station members of staff, thereby eliminating the risk associated with cash movement. It can also cater for your expatriate staff by removing t...
$ 100
loan and credit cardloan and credit card
City:Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Financial)
Date:6/18/2020 1:24:32 AM (99 days ago)
Description:O3 Capital Nigeria Limited is a financial service institution that offers various consumer loans using the CREDIT CARD as its delivery channel.O3 Capital is the first non-bank card issuer in Nigeri...
$ 100
Attract Money into Your Life with Green Aventurine CrystalAttract Money into Your Life with Green Aventurine Crystal
City:Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Financial)
Date:6/10/2020 3:59:54 PM (107 days ago)
Description:Green Aventurine is one of the stones that attracts money. It has a reputation for bringing opportunity. It’s known as ‘the gambler’s stone’ because it helps increase luck when it comes to financia...
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