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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.) Free Website Submitting And Promoting Club
~  Tom Dahne

2.) Free Graphics

3.) e-Crucible
~ Linda Caroll

N e w     P o s t s   (5)

1. Adrian Elman
~ Video banners - Opinions please?

2.) Don Wetmore
~ Errors

3.) Ian Muir
~ Internal Spamming

~  Starting my own ezine

5.) Robert Chalmers
~ Good news for Adlanders... and 5 parts of a 10 part ImageReady Hints

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome 189  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


In  recent  Market Position Newsletter this article appeared and since
we just  discussed it, this is good contribution.

=== Free For All Links (also called "FFA") ===

Many FFA (Free for All) programs and services preach the flood
of new traffic you'll receive to your site by bulk submitting
to thousands of FFA sites.  For those of you who have not
stumbled onto one of these pages, FFA's are simply pages that
link back to the last 50, 100, or some number of Web sites
that submitted to their FFA page.  You might think of them
as pages that consist of links to recently submitted sites.

The problem with these services is that most have so many incoming
submissions from thousands of bulk submission products that
your link may be bumped off in a matter of days or even hours.
Therefore, you must re-submit constantly to have a prayer
of staying on these lists.

After looking over a number of FFA services, I decided to test
Link-o-matic, one of the better-known services that I've seen
on the Web for several years.  In our test, I had Adam Norton
from our staff submit once a week according to Link-o-matic's
recommendations.  He's done this once a week since February
2nd, 2000.

Despite claims of FFA sites generating new traffic, we saw
NO increase in traffic to our two test domains.  The test
domains were each receiving 1 or 2 random visits a day prior
to the FFA submissions.  They still receive just a couple
of visits a day.  Therefore, I believe the popular wisdom
about FFA programs not being useful in generating new traffic
is true, unfortunately.  This is largely because few people
use FFA pages to actually locate and surf to other Web sites.

For increasing link popularity, Link-o-matic fared better.
After about a month and about four submissions, we saw our
link popularity increase from almost zero to 26 links on AltaVista
and 39 links on HotBot.  On a second domain we tested, the
links were only 9 and 13 respectively.  Over the course of
the next couple of months, the number of links fluctuated
from as few as three links to as many as 121 for one of the
Web sites on AltaVista over the last two weeks of the test.
They've averaged about 10 to 25 links on each domain and engine.

You might wonder why Webmasters set up these FFA pages in the
first place?  Generally it's a method to gain e-mail addresses
to send advertisements to.  To submit to them, nearly all
require that you give them your e-mail address.  I *highly*
recommend that you use a fake or expendable e-mail address
or you'll get 300-500 spam messages within 48 hours of submitting
to a large list of FFA's!

So do I recommend Link-o-matic ( for improving
your link popularity?  Not really.  You can achieve similar
numbers of links using any of several FREE reciprocal link
services that I'll discuss later in this article.  If you
have exhausted those options and still need more links, then
Link-o-matic can help.


==========Success Story=============
From: "Chris McCreedy" <>

Stories abound, apocryphal or not, of new internet millionaires.  Most of
these stories are true experiences but for everyone who makes it on the
internet there are another 10 or more who don't.  So what is the secret?

There isn't one really!  What success on the internet consists of is true
dedication to your chosen program.  Forget all the SPAM offers of $10,000
per month and instant success.  There is no such thing!!!  I know this from
my own experience!

I have been an internet user for 3 years, have spent a small fortune on
rubbish programs and chasing guaranteed instant riches.  I learned the hard
way .. through my fast emptying pocket!!  After becoming disabled in a car
smash 6 years previous, having no employment and no income other than a
social welfare pension, I had to find some means by which to earn money!
The PC and internet connection was my answer but I could little afford the

Now don't get me wrong!  There are ordinary, everyday people like you and I,
making vast amounts of money via the internet.  Even newbies who have
latched on to the right program at the right time are making $3,000 per
month and more.  The internet, even with all it's pitfalls, is still the
fastest and best way to earn a residual income.

Right now, today, is the most exciting time for the new internet
entrepreneur.  If only the opportunities available today had been available
to me 3 years ago .. but that's in the past.  The future is bright, the
future is exciting!!

So what do I need to do in order to make it? I hear you say.  Finding the
program that is right for you is the first step.  This should be ideally
something that you can identify with, something you sincerely believe in.
If you don't believe in your product how then can you morally promote it to

That is the next step to success .. promote, promote, promote!!!  Advertise,
advertise, advertise!!!

Normally you can expect to spend at least 2 hours per day on the above.  A
lot of it can be done for free but you will get better results through paid
advertising and promotions.  A warning though .. it will be very frustrating
for you to pay out say $50 for an advert and you see no immediate results.
But don't give up!  Giving up is the curse of the internet marketer!
Persist at what you're doing.  When you see that first email message
informing you of a new signup, or sale if you have your own product, you'll
be hooked.  All the hardship will have been worth the effort and you'll be
on the road to success.

Why is today the most exciting time to begin an internet entrepreneurship?
The answer to that is simple!  The companies of the world have caught on to
the power of internet advertising and are now paying you to look at their
ads.  What could be simpler than this?  Even building a downline in these
programs couldn't be easier.  All you need to do is refer family, friends
and the guys next door because who can refuse free money?  And all at
absolutely no cost to themselves .. ever!!

Is this a success story?  It is in one way because I am at last earning
money from my internet enterprises.  There is still a long, long way to go
before I can say that I'm truly a success.  First I have to recoup my
losses.  What I wanted to do here is to share a little of my experiences,
show you the pitfalls and point the way forward.

Persistence is the key to success!

Thank you for allowing me to pass on my experiences to you.

==========F e a t u r e d P o s t(1)=============
From: "Melanie Kozik" <>
Subject: An advertising *secret*

Hi Bogdan and readership!  It's been awhile since I've posted.  This
internet business keeps me tres' busy.  I recently was interviewed
by 2 very large newspapers and it was rather exhausting...I am
thinking of posting them on my site soon. These reporters both
came to me and asked me to do the interviews.  They both said it
was due to the ease of use and interesting service I provide.  It is
the 3rd interview this year and I never asked for any of them.

That tells me that if your site is functional, useful and easy to
navigate, you will get noticed.  One of my pages recently was
chosen by the directory team as *best of the web* in it's
category.  These are the kinds of things you can't pay for that get
you great press.  That page is at:

It is one of about 85 pages that I provide to people for free - another
worth looking at to see what I mean is:

The money I'm making from sponsorship for these sites is an
income in itself and I'm not kidding.    Whatever your chosen
profession is, think of ways to help people.  It is the best thing
there is.  I submitted a success story for the year here last year.  It
was based on helping people rather than on money and riches.

There is an axiom that appears to be SO true - you give of yourself
and the riches just come. I've said before, the true riches
are not the money!  The money is secondary to me  and as  my
business continues to grow by leaps and bounds, I pray it always
will be.

Be the best at what you do. It gets noticed. :}

 All the Best-Melanie Kozik
Investigative Resources & The Intelligence Agency
Information is Power...Become Informed

=========Why Selling Other's Affiliate Programs=============

Why Selling Other's Affiliate Programs When You Can Create Your
Own & Make 100% Profits!

Create and sell your own Affiliate Program rights to others by making
tons of money out of it like other Internet gurus did.
All you need is a computer and a valid email account.  Online Training
will be provided.  It's a free for 30-day trial period, you have nothing to
lose and only pay us from your profits if any!
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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Tom Dahne <>
Subject: Free Website Submitting And Promoting Club

In digest  #176 Robert Lee wrote.

>Just bought an auto-submitter? Have some time on your hands do you?
>I find it rather interesting that the money you have been making on the
>internet seems to be in the form of checks written to other people.

Robert Lee
I have been on the Internet for a far while but have never really got into
marketing as much as I have in the last few months.
And with a low budget I am always looking and trying to learn new ways of
get the word out about my web site etc.
And as far as I can tell you took the time to visit my site yourself so it
must have interested you in someway.

And The Promoting Club idea is just that an idea , A vision , A learning
step, As I read lots of things all over the net people say you have to keep
trying new things if you don't try you will not know if it will work or not.

I know posting to most FFA web site is a waste of time and you are lucky if
your ad stays on some site for even a few hours.
But I have been reading that some people are starting to report higher
rankings on search engines after posting to FFA site for a long period of
How long who knows.

And with the interest I have gotten about The Promoting Club idea , I am
learning new things and that is what it is all about to keep on learning.
I have taken The Promoting Club idea a step further and have setup a
discussion forum for members and also have been working with a new peace of
I found called ZEUS which make links directory between members.  You can see
what I mean from this url

As for I could do better I very well know that myself but being in a new
learning curve thing here ( Marketing ) I don't find as much time as I would
love to put better content into my Webster.  But as time goes by and I learn
what works and what does not I can stream line my strategy of marketing
my web site.

As being at the beginning of learning about marketing. I sure there are
other people in the same boat as me and I am hoping with The Promoting Club
idea I can get a group of members together who wish to work as a team
and learn together.

The cheques I show on my web site is to give people only an idea of what can
be made with an effort.
If I can build my Paid 2 program to a stage where they are paying for my ISP
cost and web hosting cost I will be more then happy.
Any extra money after that I will spend on other ways to advertising my Web

I am sure I could write a lot more about why I have setup a web site like
mine but that will have to be in my next post.

The title could be some thing like is : After 2 years of hitting my head
against a brick wall selling the wrong things over the NET.
I think I am on the right track.. ( GRIN ) Automated website.

Tom Dahne

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
Subject:  Free Graphics

In a message dated 05/29/2000 3:11:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
Moderator  writes:

 I would like to recommend to you site with free graphics for
 everyone, from one of our long time subscribers from Hungry.

 Judy is a graphic designer and she got  introduced to the internet
 not very long ago.
 I want to mention that she did a lot of graphic work using
 pencil, before anybody  though of doing this with computers.

 She tried different avenues and finally she
 got associated with
 She is presenting there her skills and she would like to offer
 you a place where you can get free graphics for your website.

 Cool graphics, categorized clipart, 100% free! Free
 banner and button templates to make webmaster's
 promotional effort far more enjoyable. You can win a
 custom-made logo or banner as well. Cool tips, tricks,


If you read the disclaimer on the page, there is some
question about a webmaster's ability to use the touted "free" graphic
arts creations on commercial web pages.  The disclaimer is as follows:

"Disclaimer: Some of the graphics in this archive were not created by All
Free Art. They were acquired from a number of different sites on the net.
The authors of the graphics in this archive may not agree in the use of
graphics in commercial projects. All Free Art does not take claim of
ownership to all of the graphics in this archive and if you have comments or
questions about this archive or the graphics featured in it, please email
the webmaster."

Are the authors of the showcased art even aware that their products are
being offered for use on the internet???   Were these pieces "acquired" with
the individual authors' knowledge?  No mention is made of which pieces are
"free" and which are not.


Note from moderator.

I hope Judy can explain some of the questions here.


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Linda Caroll <>
Subject: RE: e-Crucible

Dear Bogdan & fellow Subscribers:

I am writing to express my disappointment
that the E-Crucible post was even published
in the last issue of Adland Digest.

I have been a subscriber for a long time..
Over the past years, many of us have worked
together to deal with spam issues, from Bogdan's
own experiences with it to repeated issues of
members getting spammed after posting here.

However, since the post did appear, I would like
to address some of the issues in the post.
The post states:

>The E-Crucible is committed to returning
>sanity and responsibility to the Internet.
>We feel that the "Spam hysteria" that is prevalent
>in the Internet culture today is unfair, irresponsible
>and counter-productive to maintaining the Internet
>as a free marketplace.
>Therefore we are committed to:
>FIGHT !......anti-spam fanaticism ;
>FIGHT !.....for safety and freedom in business promotion;
>FIGHT !.....expulsion by ISP's without a fair hearing.
>FIGHT !.....for a responsible and reasonable definition of SPAM

The Internet already HAS a responsible and reasonable
definition of SPAM.

SPAM is defined as "unsolicited bulk email".
If your email was not requested, and you send it out in
bulk, it is SPAM.  That's pretty easy to understand.
What part of that is unfair or unreasonable?

If you find a website that you like and send a personal
letter to the owner, that's not spam.  That's a letter from
one business person to another.

Anyone who uses a mail program to harvest addresses
and send out letters pretending they were at the site is
lying- and spamming.

If you buy a list that was harvested from the Internet
and you send mail to that list, that's SPAM.

Disagreeing with SPAM does not make me, or anyone
else, a fanatic.   Name calling belongs in the sandbox
with the children and does not belong in adult business

As far as safety and freedom go, I would like to be
free to check my email without it being full of spam.
Unfortunately, that is not the case.

As far as safety and freedom go, I would like to be
able to automate my subscribe address instead of
having to check it manually to weed out the spammers
from the genuine subscribers.  That is also not the case.

As far as safety and freedom go, I would like my teenaged
daughter to be safe to check her email knowing that she
will be safe from pornographic spam in her email.
Unfortunately, that is not the case either.

The saddest part is that the people making the most
money on SPAM are the people selling the lists to the
newbies that are naive enough to buy them.

I took the time to visit (E-Crucible) John's website.
I would highly recommend that if he were to spend
less time protesting the "anti-spammers" and a little
more time learning about website professionalism,
it would be a much more beneficial use of his time.
Perhaps some of the regular critiquers of this column
could be of assistance to him in this aspect.

Linda Caroll

Note from Moderator.

Hi Linda,

I  share  feelings in your response  but I'm not quite sure
if you were familiar with posts preceding  the one which you
responded to.

Post about E-Crucible  was first posted in issue  #175
as a response to my post in issue
where I was complaining about Hotmail bouncing Adland
Digest.  Obviously Hotmail qualified my mailings in such
a way so they could  block them. To this days I'm not
sure if this is not a result of some sort of glitch in
any of the systems because problems are inconsistent.
Lack of any response from hotmail though, prompted me to
mention it here in digest and  that's why John Botscharow
replied and expressed his thoughts about  sending bulk emails
which Adland Digest is, which not necessarily makes it spam.
I hope this clears out misunderstanding.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Adrian Elman" <>
Subject: Video banners - Opinions please?

Hello Bogdan,

I would like to ask your readers for their opinion on our new
video banners. I mentioned in my success story that we were
taking QuickTell to new heights and as you know we now
have probably the most advanced autoresponder script in

One of the changes we made was to have a collection of
video banners made which could be installed in our
autoresponders. I created them using Flash 4 technology
which allows a really large file to be compressed into
practically nothing. For example, our new banners range from
170kb upwards before being compressed down to about
22kb. By leaving them on a remote server they download
very fast!

While I would like to hear what your readers think of this new
technology, I would also like to know whether they think that it
can be applied to other areas of their internet marketing?

Personally, I have replaced the standard text signatures in my
outgoing mail with these video banners and the impact is
amazing! I am also creating full page interactive movie
presentations to be delivered by autoresponder as I believe
that is an innovative and refreshing approach to dealing with
sending information to people.

To take a look at the series of 6 interactive autoresponders
we created to date, please and
check your mail instantly. Each one is different and one of them
even talks to you :)

Adrian Elman

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Don Wetmore" <>
Subject: Errors

An executive's productivity has as much to do with what they
ought not to be doing as what they are doing. In my short
article entitled, "Five Time Management Errors Executive
Should Avoid", I offer tips to enhance an executive's
productivity. (You may want to share it with an executive!)
To get your free copy, email your request for "errors" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

Professional Speaker
Productivity Institute
Time Management Seminars
Visit our Supersite:

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Ian Muir" <>
Subject: Internal Spamming

What do I mean by "Internal Spamming"?
I mean promoting a program to members of your downline in a different

Is it good or bad to do this?  That's for you to decide, I have mixed
feelings about it.  I would prefer sensible self-regulation, but then again,
how many of us are quite that sensible?

Anyway, it's being taken out of our hands.  Program administrators are
setting their own rules.

Here is a really crazy example, of a totally-free program I'm in at present
and am wildly enthusiastic about.  It seems to be breaking all Net records
and it's only just started.  BUT, they're shooting themselves in the foot by
the way they're handling "internal spamming".  On the one hand they ask us
to support, encourage, and help our downlines [mine snowballed to 400 in 2
weeks], but on the other hand, when they send us an email informing us of
new personal referrals, they don't include the person's email address!  If
you've just done a lot of enthusiastic advertising, and have an obviously
top program so that people join, you find that you have a "team" you can't
support, because you have no way of contacting them.

Of course there is an easy way around it, if you know it's going to happen.
In all of my second run of ads, I asked joiners to email me !

Well, that's one example.  Here's another.  My other main program is so spam
conscious that not only may we not advertise our websites [just give them
out in reply to a resulting email], that they also have strict rules against
internal spamming.  Basically, they say "DON'T DO IT ! "  Well, I can see
their point, they don't want people to be distracted from their own program.
But say I had an ancillary program, that helped advertise their program,
well if I mentioned it to my downline, I'd run the risk of being
"terminated" for spamming !  They even have a rule that your sig file may be
no more than 3 lines if corresponding with your upline or downline.

So there it is, 2 out of 2, both brilliant programs, but getting paranoid
and dictatorial about something which until now has been a matter of
self-regulation.  Am I just unlucky in having both of my programs so
"internal-spam-conscious" or are the rest of you finding this an emerging
problem?  Or is it an emerging boon ?


Totally-Free Avalanche New International Record-breaker
10k monthly is more than possible !      Then:
Health, Rent/Mortgage, etc Benefits + CASH 4 netters at pizza prices !
Email:       for details.

======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
Subject: Starting my own ezine.

Good afternoon sir,

I am one of your subscribers to your newsletter and your newsletter is one
of a few ezines that has inspired me to begin my very own ezine.
My ezine will be titled MaxCashFast and it is scheduled to make is
first appearance the 15th of June.  I have been writing other ezine owners
to ask for any help that they may be able to provide to help me to build
my subscribers base.  My question is do you have a limit of subscribers to
allow other ezine to swap ads?  If so what is it?  I would gladly
accommodate you 10 to 1 for any of your help.  I am sure you
understand how hard it is to get started and I am sure you are
very busy so if this is a burden please disregard this email.  Your help in
any way would be greatly appreciated.

To your success,
Robert Voirin

Note from moderator.

I usually don't swap ads, but gladly announce other e-zines in Adland
Digest if they fit here. Just as a suggestion when starting  your own
To start  it going,  you need to have already some sort of traffic
to your website. This way you can offer subscription to your newsletter
to visitors coming to your site. You can also try exchanging ads with
other newsletters. One of the best spots to  find other newsletters and
information about their circulation and  other important details is
Here you not only can find other newsletters where you can advertise
yourself but also  include your newsletter so others can find you.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: "Rina Chen" <>
Subject: A comment about

Hi everyone,
It may be interesting to know that (the dreaded scammer that I hear
so much about from some users here) has offered a free Classifieds
submission software at About scams - always be
on the look-out for them even if it
's a freeware and it seems that you have nothing to loose.

It was said that the Aureate eMail software is actually a spyware.  The
"Aureate people" allow you to download the free software, but what most
people do not realise is that the software actually send information back to
its "owner" telling them which web
site you visited, which link you clicked, and even how long you spent on an
webpage.  Most website owners who offer this free Aureate download as an
added-value service to their web visitors are not even aware that Aureate is
spyware.  You can get rid of
the spyware without affecting Aureate's functionality (no guarantee here!)
with another free downloadable software at

I will be checking out this FREE Classified software from PIYB to see if it
is another spyware.  To read about another scam, go to

Rina Chen

A Junk Site of Resources
More Business Resources, Tools and Ideas at

Note from Moderator.

Since I'm very sensitive to anything which has to do with PIYB, I have
checked the site in the post
This is not site owned by PIYB. They list all kinds of free utilities and
one of them was E-xtreme Classifieds which was done to drive traffic
to AdlandPro affiliate page and generate credits for PIYB.
PIYB used to be AdlandPro affiliate.

I downloaded the application and found that most of the links
which were pointing to PIYB site don't work at all. The only
working link is link to Adlandpro, which is not different than
using site itself directly at

Actually as of now, there is no link on that site to Extreme Classifieds.
They might be  changing list of free utilities on daily bases.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Good news for Adlanders... and 5 parts of a 10 part ImageReady

If you are still struggling with getting your Images Just Right...
Here's "Ten Tips for ImageReady"
Parts 1 to 5...

1. To see how an image looks as a tiled
 background. go to the Image menu
and select HTML Background. Then go to
File>Preview In, and choose a browser. The
image will be displayed as a tiled
background in the browser.

2. ImageReady enables you to adjust the
 Gamma value at a picture to make it
suitable for cross-platform viewing. If
you're working on a PC, click the Window,
to Macintosh button, or if you're an a Mac.
click the Macintosh to Windows button.

3. When giving an image with
 antialiased text a transparent
background, define the Matte colour
to be the same as the background colour
you're using on your HTML page. That
avoids the appearance of a halo effect
around the edge of your text

4. You can adjust the cursor displayed
 when you use the Painting tools. Go to
Files>Preferences and Cursors. A precise
cursor displays as a target symbol. instead
of the standard cursor, which displays a
symbol for the tool you're using.

5. A progressive JPEG downloads a low-
resolution version of the image while
the main image is downloading - it's similar
to an interlaced GIF. However. it does
require more RAM to do this, and older
browsers won't be able to display it.

Continued next issue....

Good news that I can't wait to share with fellow Adlanders. Now there's no
excuse for not having your own domain name registered. Check out these
prices. Get your maiden aunt registered - heck, register the cat!
where ...

Register 1 domain for $30 annual.
Register 2 domains for $35 annual.
Register all 3 domains for $51 annual.

and you can register up to 10 years in advance, with domain names over 60
characters long!
Register 1 domain for 10 years. $200
Register 2 domains for 10 years. $350
Register all 3 domains for 10 years. $510
where ...


Note from moderator.

Robert although these prices are good I found better ones
$12 US per year.
Check it here.


============A l e r t   S e c t i o n====================
From: (Jane Fulton)

In issue  #176 Rodger wrote.

Thought I'd let you know of the problems I've had concerning,and
the "FREE ROUND-TRIP AIR TICKETS",just try out their program..Long Distance
calling plan,and they'll send you free tickets. Well,I tried their
program,long-ago,long-ago! And to date have not seen a single ticket out of
four that they twice promised to send. Which by the way I have in written
form. In fact,I have about 15 emails from this concern/agents thereof,going
back quite away. I just tried to send them an email and for the second time
it was returned.....hmmmmmm!


I am replying to Rodger's note about airline tickets. I joined Buyers
Reward and was supposed to get 2 free airline tickets. I have yet to
receive them. Then people wonder why we are not trusted! One bad deal
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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Can I REALLY make money with affiliate programs and MLMs on the
Internet? by Leon Brickey Copyright 2000

To respond with a short answer, YES. ABSOLUTELY!

Here is a brief explanation of how to get started making money in
the first 30 days.

The first thing to do is document a simple starting plan on
paper. KISS - "Keep it simple sweetheart!" or "Keep it simple
stupid!" whichever the case may be. :-)

Yes it's important to study and get some advanced ideas from the
so-called experts, but while you are doing this you can start
earning money in the meantime. In the excitement of starting a
new affiliate program or MLM it's easy to get caught up in the
desire to learn everything there is to know about the new program
before you get started, but that's not what these programs pay
you to do.

I was once in a very good MLM program several years ago with a
good friend named Bob for the sake of this article. Bob was a
real student of MLM. He had the presentation down to an "award
winning performance." He could motivate you to the point you
wanted to run out of the room and find someone to show the
program to. He could quote all the great MLM leaders. He was
GREAT to work with! But he never made very much money at all.
Why? Because he never showed his skills to anyone except the
people at the meetings, which were almost always already
recruited or in the process of being recruited by someone else.

There is something to be learned from Bob. You MUST get started
selling and building YOUR business. The sooner the better.

There is something to be said for I.O.F. (Ignorance on fire.)
It's not important that you know everything about everything
before you get started recruiting and selling. Excitement and
motivation go a long way. Folks can see genuine excitement even
in an ad or sales letter and quite often this is more effective
than detailed knowledge!

Spend 25% of your time studying and 75% of your time selling and

Now here are some specific points to help you get off to a good

- Get your own domain and your own website. This is a must. No
matter which affiliate program or MLM you are involved in you
need your own domain and website. Forget the freebie websites,
which are available by the thousands. There aren't many things
the top marketers agree on but most DO agree on this.

- Once you have a website give people a reason to visit it and a
reason to come back to revisit it. It's downright foolish to just
send folks to someone else's affiliate or MLM website. Get them
to YOUR website first! On your website promote your affiliate/MLM
programs, your ezine, and most importantly keep lots of
constantly updated free content. Good things to place on your
website are articles, e-books, software downloads, advertising
resources, etc. Use your imagination and try to be original.
Don't just offer the some old "rehashed" freebies everyone else
has on their websites.

- Once you get them to your website you want to do what?.CAPTURE
THEIR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS! If you aren't publishing your own
newsletter/ezine you have just shot yourself in the foot before
the race ever starts. This is another area that almost every one
of the top marketers agree on. 80-85% or more of my sales and
recruits come from my ezine. Sure, they use my website as a
resource, but they buy and sign up through the ezine more often
than not.

So how do you get ezine subscribers Leon? Submitting my own
articles to hundreds of publishers, submitting my ezine to ezine
directories, and through my website traffic. That's the whole
truth. No secrets. Just hard work.

- When starting out only start with ONE program. Whether that one
program offers one, two, or three products doesn't matter. Start
with one program. Remember to spend 75% of your time promoting
and selling, and 25% of your time studying that program and fine
tuning your efforts. As you promote and study you will see first
hand what works and what doesn't. Never be afraid to contact your
sponsor and ask what they are doing to promote the business. If
they don't seem willing to help you don't join anything else
under them. A successful sponsor who is willing to help you get a
good start is a BIG asset.

Once you get a good grasp of how the program works and feel like
you can handle another program, take on something else. But never
join a program you don't have the time or means to promote

- Don't confuse your visitors!

Limit the choices you offer your website visitors and ezine

Never offer more than one web hosting company from the same web
page or ezine. Never offer more than one marketing course or book
from the same web page or ezine. Never offer more than one
auto-submit program from the same web page or ezine. Never offer
two brands of the same dietary supplement from the same web page
or ezine. Get the idea? You will only confuse your visitors and
probably not make a sale. Sell with authority!

- Unfortunately credibility is a really rare online. Oh sure
there are VERY credible marketers online and VERY credible
companies online, but they are often obscured by the
get-rich-quick, fly-by-night scams. Many of these dishonest
businesses have learned to exploit the anonymity the Internet
offers. Some people hide behind a false name and offer no contact
information. Some of these people have no problem taking your
money and running with it. They are often nearly impossible to
track down. Or at least the cost of tracking them down is more
than the amount lost would afford.

Folks there are very few FREE lunches, and the only place
"success" comes before "work" is in the dictionary.

Before joining a program I advise folks to go to and make sure it's not found there.
If you find your program need a new program. I
suppose they aren't 100% fool proof, but they catch a lot of the

My best advice is to stay away from Internet malls in general,
these are catching a lot of flack almost everywhere.

I believe the ideas above are good advice for anyone involved in,
or starting in, Internet marketing. It's not everything you need
to know by any means. But if you implement these ideas you can
focus your efforts, decrease the learning curve a little bit, and
avoid many pitfalls that I and other successful marketers have
fell into in our past experiences.

Good luck!
And remember, NO program works till you do!

Leon Brickey


Leon Brickey is webmaster of Appalachian Online Marketing. Find everything you
need to turn your struggling business into an explosive
moneymaker! Free subscription to Absolute Internet Marketing
Resources Ezine containing the most current, up to date
online marketing resources on the planet.
*Article may be used freely as long as the entire article appears
along with this sig. file.


======================Joke of the Day=====================

One day a group of scientists got together and decided that
humans had come a long way and no longer needed God.
So they picked one scientist to go and tell God so.

The scientist walked up to God and said, "God, we've
decided that we no longer need you; We're to the point that
we can clone people and do many miraculous things, so why
don't You just go on and get lost."

God listened very patiently and kindly to the man.  After the
scientist was done talking, God said, "Very well, how about
this? Let's say we have a man-making contest."  To which
the scientist replied, "Okay, great!"

"But," God added, "we're going to do this just like I did back
in the old days with Adam."

The scientist said, "Sure, no problem" and bent down and
grabbed himself a handful of dirt.

God looked at him and said, "No, no, no.  You go get your
own dirt."


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