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Vol. 1 issue #12 May 16, 2002


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"Would'a, Could'a, Should'a!"
2002 Jeff McCall

There's a song I've heard playing on the radio a lot lately.
It's called "Would'a, Could'a, Should'a" and is sung by a most excellent soul singer called Beverley Knight.

The last line of the chorus goes something like...

"Would'a, could'a, should'a are the last words of a fool!"

That's a sentiment I agree with entirely! I promised myself a long time ago that when I get to the point of having one foot in the grave with the other following swiftly, I wouldn't regret not having tried or achieved anything specific in my life.

Would I have succeeded at ......?

Could I have been good at ......?

Should I have tried my hand at ......?

Trust me, these are three questions I won't be asking myself in my dying breath.

Why? Because if I ever get an inkling or a desire to try something new, I get up and go for it! The more radical it is the more motivated I become.

If I were to sit down and write down everything I've done this far in my life that Mr. Average most probably hasn't, it would be a very long list. I'm telling you this not to try and impress you, but to make the point that you don't know what you can achieve until you try.



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Some of the things I've tried have provoked incredulous responses from others. Some people think I'm just plain crazy. But hey, I wouldn't swap my life experiences with theirs in a million years. When I look back upon my life I know I'll have lived every second of it. "Life ain't no rehearsal" as they say.

I recently caught the end of an interview with Anthony Robbins on TV. The interviewer was asking Tony how he made decisions on what path to take in his own life. He referred to a test he uses, which he called "The Rocking Chair Test".
He apparently applies this test whenever he needs to make a "Yes" or "No" decision about a new opportunity that presents itself to him.

To apply the test, he imagines himself in his eighties sitting in a rocking-chair and looking back over his life.
He then considers whether he'd regret saying "No" rather than "Yes" to a particular opportunity.

At the end of the interview Tony emphasised an important point - You don't receive or achieve much in your life whenever you say "No!"

So stop saying "No" and start saying "Yes!"

Do you have a burning desire to try something new? If you do, then go right out and do it!

Won't it be great? Trust me, it will be better than you can imagine!

If you follow this approach you'll truly surprise yourself every day. You'll learn so much more about yourself. Why? Because you'll be provoking reactions, thoughts and feelings
that you never would have had otherwise.

There are some amazing things waiting to be discovered only by you, but only if you go looking for them. Remember, "life ain't no rehearsal!" So make the most of the precious time you have on this earth. You owe it to yourself!

Don't be the fool whose last words are "would'a, could'a,

Be successful!

Copyright 2001, JPM Publishing. All rights reserved.

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