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Vol. 2 issue #186 Mar 30, 2006                    


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How To Create A Burning Desire To Buy With Your Small Business
©2005 by Charlie Cook

You could be generating 50% to 100% more s.ales with your
marketing. How? By working with basic human nature to convert
more of your prospects to customers.

Each week 100 or 1000 people visit your web site or read your
small business marketing materials but only a handful of those
are contacting you. You can double the number of people who buy
your products and services and double your pr0fits.

The biggest mistake made by small business owners is that they
treat marketing as if it didn't need to follow basic rules of
human nature. It's like trying to force feed broccoli to someone
who hates vegetables or trying to get a vegetarian to eat roast
beef. Similarly, it just doesn't make sense to try and force
your prospects to do something they don't want to do.

I'm a.mazed at how many people throw away huge sums of money on
a marketing strategy that continually frustrates them and
doesn't bring in the s.ales they need to grow their business.

Here's the simple truth about small business marketing. If you
want to sell to people you need to take into account basic
characteristics of human nature. You can't just get your name
out there or get the name of your product out there and expect
clients to flock to your door. This marketing strategy doesn't
work for small business owners and it won't work for you.

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Mr. Edward David
Gender Male
Location Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
Interests Computer programming, Web Design, Web Development, Database development, True Science Fiction, flying, reading, learning, pushing my comfort zone.
Company CED-Hosting Service
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Industry Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Domain Registry, SSL certificate Registry, Web Design and Development.


The good news is that it's not complicated or confusing to
market your business successfully and close twice as many
s.ales. All you need to do is understand a couple of obvious
things about human nature and apply them to marketing your

Effective Marketing Is Based On These 3 Rules of Human Nature

First Rule Of Human Nature:
People are attracted by solutions to their problems

Your prospects want to know what your product or service will do
for them. They want to know if it will help them solve a
particular problem.

Your marketing should lead with the product benefit and then go
on to explain more about how your products or services help them
and you’ll capture their interest. Lead with pricing, obscure
product names or too much technical detail and you'll l0se your
prospects. Their overriding concern is how your products or
services will help them.

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The Second Rule Of Human Nature:
People forget

Think about your own purchasing behavior. What do you do when
you’re looking for a new computer, a new lawyer, a new
investment, or a new graphic designer? You may have seen an ad
that attracted you or visited a web site that looked helpful,
but can you remember where?

Most people take some time to make their decision, often weeks
or even months. Even if they've read your marketing materials
and even if you've got the perfect product or service for them,
your prospects are most likely going to forget you exist.

80% of potential new business is lost because small business
owners don't have a marketing strategy for following up with
prospects. Each time your prospects hear or read about another
similar service or product your information gets pushed further
down into the recesses of their brain.
Eventually it just gets forgotten and you've lost the sale
unless you have a strategy that helps them remember your
products and services.

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Third Rule of Human Nature:
People want to be confident they are making the right decision

Whether you're buying a new car, a new computer or l.egal or
financial services, you want to know that when you make your
purchase you'll be satisfied with the products or services you
buy. Your prospects are the same. So how do you help them trust
you and your products and services?

Give them proof!

Prospects want to know if your products or services worked for
others and if they'll work for them. When you use referrals,
testim0nials and 'test drives' you provide proof that helps them
feel confident in making their purchase.

Common Sense Small Business Marketing
It's common sense to base your marketing on these three rules of
human nature. If you want to increase your s.ales, you need to
give people the information they want and need to buy from you. 


The author, Charlie Cook, helps, small business owners and
marketing professionals attract more clients and be more
successful. Sign up to receive the Free Small Business Marketing
Ideas eBook, '7 Steps to get more clients and grow your
business' at http://www.marketingforsuccess.com

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