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Vol. 2 issue #206 Nov 13, 2006                    


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©2006 by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

To be or not to be, that is the question.
> From Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

You have probably had the experience at one time or
another of feeling stuck in your life. Of just sitting
in one place - unclear of what decision you should

How can you move forward in life when you feel unclear
about the next step you need to take? Admittedly, such
a lack of clarity can cause some pretty extreme

It is difficult to move forward if you do not have
clarity, since clarity of purpose often controls your
supply of life energy. Knowing what you want generates
the energy to pursue it. While not knowing drains your

So what can you do if you lack clarity? What are your

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If you are afraid of making the wrong choice, you can
wait and hope for clarity. Or you can try to think your
options through in your own mind.

But the truth is, you will never really figure life
out. In terms of life-questions - life has a way of
just resolving itself, with or without our conscious
intervention or so-called decision-making.

And even when we think we have everything all figured
out - life will seldom deliver a perfect replica of our
mental picture.

One good way to conquer uncomfortable indecision is to
simply make a choice from among your unknowns. Whether
or not you feel certain your choice is the right choice
- just take a small step in what seems to be the best
direction, in spite of your doubt or confusion.

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There is great power in action. Movement in any
direction will break you free from the cement of
indecision - and provide new information and

Action sends ripples of energy and change out into the
world. And since life is so totally unpredictable, who
knows how your situation will change once you get some
action energy into motion.

You may even want to think of your life as a novel you
are reading. You are only part of the way into the book
- and you really do not know what is going to happen
next. How could you know? The book is still being

The challenge you face is this: Dare you move forward
in the face of uncertainty? Can you handle taking
action without knowing whether it is the right action?

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You may feel confused or anxious, and wonder if you are
making the right decision. But somewhere along in your
life novel you may discover there was no right

Here is what I have learned in my own roller coaster
version of life: If you find you have stepped onto the
wrong path, you can always adjust your direction. And
any so-called mistakes simply add to your personal
wisdom about what does not work -- thus taking you
closer to discovering what does work.

There is great power in action!

Go for it. Even if you make the wrong choice, at least
you will generate some Zen action energy and break free
of the painful, mind-numbing cement of indecision!


Jill Ammon-Wexler is a doctor of psychology, former
consultant to the Pentagon and a Presidential
Commission, and a peak performance advisor to top
executives and entrepreneurs.

Her powerful “Take Charge” personal achievement
ecourse is being used is 21 countries by thousands
of individuals seeking the ultimate in personal
empowerment. For info=>

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