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Vol. 1 issue #22 Aug 10, 2002


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Battle Against Your Beliefs

2002  Deborah Brown

Having trouble getting what you want in your
career these days? Has your negative thinking
got you believing that things will never get
better? Are you downplaying the role of positive

Your thoughts and beliefs about your present
situation is the link to why you are where you
are. If you believe that you cannot land a new
job, or find the resources to alleviate your
present workload, then guess what, you will
remain stuck and unhappy. If you believe it is
impossible for your career to improve, then your
beliefs will make the impossibility a reality.

So How Do You Battle Against Your Beliefs And
The Beliefs Of The People Around You?



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1. Remember Your Accomplishments

You can stand by and watch as negative thoughts
become negative results, or you can give yourself
a fair chance. It's ok to recognize that your
plans might not work out precisely as you'd like,
but don't forget all you have going for you, and
everything you have accomplished up to this point
in your career.

2. Do Something Different

Can you honestly say that you have turned over
every stone in pursuit of what you want, or are
you doing the same things over and over again
expecting a different result? Shake things up,
try new approaches, and watch your career take
a turn for the better.

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3. Create A Game Plan

Put a plan in place and stick to it! You are not
unmotivated, lazy, or a procrastinator, you just
lack direction. The place to start is the
beginning. Having a plan, with all your steps
mapped out, will get you moving again.

4. Stay Positive

We all get negative thoughts sometimes. So, you
need to be armed with something upbeat to put in
its place. Write down positive affirmations and
look at them everyday. When you question your
abilities, or your beliefs turn sour, use your
list to lift your spirits, and return you to a
more positive space.

5. Stop Watching The News

Yes, you need to know what is going on in the
world, but listening to how bad the economy is
on a daily basis will only keep you worried and
frightened. Read books and stories about people
who have battled uncertainty and come out ahead.
Find people who have accomplished what you are
trying to achieve, and ask them how they did it.
Use examples of people who inspire you to find
your way.

6. Believe That It Will Work Out

I've said this many times and I will say it
again. When things are tough, look to the future.
You have a bright one ahead. Don't let today keep
you from becoming who you want to be tomorrow.
Counter your negative thoughts with your will to

So what do you say?  You only have one life to live
so it might as well be a life you love!

Deborah Brown-Volkman is a noted Career Coach and Mentor who shows senior executives, managers, coaches, and college students how to have a career that soars.
Deborah is the author of Living A Life You Love, The
Pathway To Personal Freedom, and the creator of the Monday Morning Action Tips that make Monday the best day of the work week. To Learn More Visit:
http://www.surpassyourdreams.com, send an e-mail to info@surpassyourdreams.com or call (516) 432-2440.

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