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Vol. 4 issue #311 June 9, 2010                    


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Sales Letters - 5 Tactics to Bring in a Pile of Customers to Your Small Business   

By Joshua Black

If you own a small business, you are going to want to take advantage of the power of direct marketing, if you have not already. By writing your own sales letters you can multiply your sales efforts to your entire customer list without having to talk to them one at a time. Read on to find out 5 different uses for sales letters.

If you are a small business owner of ANY kind, direct marketing is a much more powerful tool than regular interruption advertising. You can test any part of direct marketing and you can use it to bring in a ton of new customers.


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Here are 5 different uses for your direct marketing sales letters:

1. Lead generation- If you are looking for brand new customers, you can create a piece that will entice them to ask for more information, leading them to your web site or 800 number. This is a one-on-one conversation between you and then, where you will show them exactly how you will solve their problem.

2. Direct sales- If you have a relatively inexpensive product and a really powerful call to action, you may be able to use sales letter to close a deal directly with your customer on the first contact. You will want to mail letters like these on a frequent basis, because it may take multiple encounters with the letter before the customer makes a buying decision.


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3. Multi-step sales- this is where you sell larger ticket items. You will need to create a series of steps with a sales letter in order to get the customer convinced that the product is something they want.

4. Pre-qualification- If you have a service business, you can use letters to quiz clients and pre-qualify them to make sure that they will be a buying customer by the time they get to you. This can become a huge time saver and will prevent you from having to deal with people that are just out there looking.


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5. Product launching- here, you can use a series of letters mailed to your list that will slowly increase their interest about a product that you are launching in the future. Once you get to the launch day, all of your sales letters will have created such a buzz about the product that you can have very large payouts that you never would have seen if you hadn't practiced direct marketing.


Joshua Black is the developer of the Underdog Sales Letter System. This report gives you all of tips, templates, and tricks necessary to create your own customer-grabbing sales letters in as little as 8 hours. Check it out at: http://www.sales-letter-system.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joshua_Black

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