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Vol. 4 issue #310 May 26, 2010                    


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Because Your Logo Speaks a Thousand Words 

By Ray McCowles

A logo is an image that is used by companies or individuals to represent a business or product. It is a very important branding tool as it contributes to the creation of the identity of such business or product and makes a significant impression on existing and potential customers.

What should a logo be? There are many things a good one should be, but primarily, it must be unique, simple, appropriate for the type of business. Most importantly, it must be able to convey the message that a company wants to deliver to its market.

Is a business logo really important? When starting a business, this is often one of the most important things to consider. A logo is an image that represents the name of the company. Research shows that using a distinct logo design has more impact to people than plain text.


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In fact. corporate identity can be defined by a logo and the name it bears. It also defines the products that such name offers. By making your own logo with the right style for what your company offers, you gain more attention from your market. By the time your company is recognized by the public, soon, your business will also be recognized for its unique identity and separately from other companies that offer the same type of service or product as you do.

What is the process of designing a logo? When looking at a logo, some may think it is just simple and easy to make. But the truth is, a logo can be a lot of work. A designer first conducts an interview with the client so he could be oriented on the design to be created. He then he conducts a research on the industry, its history and company's competitors. Then he tries to find logo designs that have been successful as they relate to what the designer learns of the client through the orientation. This is the time when the designer can go ahead with creating a concept for the design.


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As you choose a logo designer, these are the things you need to consider:

Experience and Success - Try to find out if they the designer has a good track record and how long he has been into logo designing professionally.

Design process - The design studio or professional should follow a logo design process.

Strength of portfolio - Take a look at the company's previous work and the clients they have worked with.

Completion time - Find out how long will it take them to finish creating your logo.


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Price - It should be just right for the quality of the logo submitted.

Connections - Companies affiliated with a number of professional design organizations are probably more dedicated to their jobs than those who are not.

Communication - Do they work with a contract that also protects you as their client? Do they respond to your emails immediately?

When you hire someone to create your logo, don't just think about creativity. It is important that this creativity is put in the right perspective so that it actually works in defining your business the way you want people to remember it.



Ray McCowles is an Ezine Articles Platinum Author.
Searching for a trusted logo designer to provide you the best logo design? A logo design studio is your best bet. This studio will usually have experienced or seasoned logo designers who may just be the perfect people to birth a logo that will identify your business for a long time.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ray_McCowles

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