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Vol. 4 issue #321 October 27, 2010                    


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Direct Marketing Database: It's An Asset  

By Alice Clark

The true power of marketing lies on the idea of further expanding new ways you look at the customers' information. How you use that information to persuade customers and do a purchase will give amazing results for your marketing strategy.

Database presents a lot of benefits, you'll be able to save money and provide measurements on the performance of your marketing plans. If you have a database of all the customers information it would make it more accessible and easier to use. The key is to carefully outline the information so it serves well in future campaigns.

Direct marketing database implies that the list of contacts and direct marketing efforts is generated from a computer database within the company or is rented from an outside source. Most of the entries will be recorded in the database, as time progresses all the information will be recorded and compiled providing an even more complete picture of your customers buying habits.

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Before preparing a marketing campaign any marketer should think of better ways to generate the list. Direct marketing database is one of the most valuable marketing assets for you to efficiently identify customers and win new sales for your business.

What are the things your database must have? What can a marketing database do to achieve business goals? It should be able to do the following:

Reach customers- Essentially database can make us more effective in reaching customers. This will give you the opportunity to contact more customers who will purchase and affect your business revenue.

Create highly targeted contacts- When you have a database, you'll only find those customers interested in your specific products. You can also view the profile of the very people who will be interested in specific products and buy those products from you.


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Track effectiveness- If a business database is properly set up it gives you the opportunity to monitor the effects of your strategies. You'll better identify tactics that works better than others, you'll be more effective in your future endeavors.

Cost effective- Marketing database allows you to focus more on establishing your target market, if you do that you have better chances of saving more money because you only get to contact only those people who have more probability of buying.

Database marketing provides a very powerful tool in reaching customers and generating leads for your business. The more a marketer knows about customers the better they are to market their products and services.


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If you are more efficient in your direct mailing strategy it could potentially get closer to the real target audience. If it has more targeted list your list size will shrink, but so does your postage costs and your lead generating campaign will soar.

It is good to see that there will be an increase in the response rate of your marketing efforts because that correlates with increased sales and revenue.

You need to invest in the list, in the database of contacts. Most marketers would say that 50 % of the marketing success is in the list, the list of target audience. When you make the effort to restructure your database, you'll get the most value for your marketing asset, and will make you more efficient in winning more sales.

Take the time to review and determine which company can help you achieve your dreams and business goals. Hire a company who can create that database for your business and see how it will help increase your future campaigns.



Alice Clark is a sales and marketing consultant specializing in business contact database management. Alice invites you to visit http://www.contactdb.com/ to learn more about business contact lists and databases.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alice_Clark

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