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Vol. 4 issue #368 Januray 20, 2013                    


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I hope you have a great 2013 and a lot of fun. :)


You Can Be a Success—TODAY!
By Michael Angier

Everyone wants to be successful. But very few people FEEL like they’re a success.

They’re looking for the dramatic win, the big accomplishment or the crowning victory. But real success is created by an accumulation of successful days.

You can win TODAY. You can be successful TODAY. Success truly is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

If you do one thing today to make your life—or someone else's—better, you win. If you do one thing that moves you closer to your stated goals, you win. String these days together and you're a success.


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If you have fitness goals, do one pushup or crunch. If you usually do 30, do 31. Skip dessert. Walk just a little further than normal.

For financial goals, set up an automatic payroll deduction to your retirement account. Or skip the latte and throw $5 into a savings jar instead. Do something that adds to your income.

If you’re a salesperson, make one more call, write one more thank you note. Or make a list of your ten top prospects.

The aggregate of these small actions produce successful results. They may not seem spectacular—and they’re not.

But spectacular accomplishment is always preceded by less than spectacular preparation and not-so-spectacular action.

Consistency is the third C of The Achievement Code. It’s critical to achieving what you truly want. You can’t change yesterday, and you can’t do anything about tomorrow. But you do have today. And you can win today. You can be successful today.

And when you take these small actions, be sure to feel good about them. Acknowledge and celebrate them. Don’t minimize or invalidate them.

Because how we feel makes a huge difference in our NEXT actions. Our feelings attract. Feel good and we attract more good actions and more good feelings. Feel bad and we attract similar feelings and actions.

Choose to be a success—today. Do one thing today. Take some small action toward what you truly want—today.

I congratulate your success.



How to Dream Bigger
By Lynn Scheurell

Dream Begger

How are You Doing on Starting 2013?

Are You Half Way Through Your Launch Sequence?

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Michael E. Angier is the founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of SuccessNet based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He’s a father, grandfather, husband, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and student.
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