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Vol. 1 issue #178 Nov 24, 2005



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6 Proven Methods To Write That 'Enticing First Sentence'
©2005 By Mike Jezek

You'd be surprised how many people are depressing their
response because they overlook the importance of the first
sentence in their sales letter. Sure, some people manage to
get a decent headline up but they don't put as much time into
that first sentence. And that could spell trouble to a marketing

Your first sentence in your sales letters or ads, must be an
enticing one. It's job is to lure your prospects into the rest of
the body of your sales presentation. If it's boring, or
unbelievable, you just won't see the results you're looking for.
The following is a two minute primer on methods of writing an
enticing first sentence.

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*Interrupting Idea.*
This method of writing a magnetic first sentence is to simply
make a startling statement or something offkey that's sure to
get people's attention. Example: "As you're reading this letter,
your stomach may be exploding with activity."

*The Shocker.*
A shocking first sentence is one that's similar to the
interrupting idea but more provocative. It's almost risqué.
Example: "Did you know that senior citizens will be
responsible for a whopping 35% of the pollution caused in the
state of Florida?"

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This type of first sentence is exactly what it sounds like. News.
Example: "Cancer has increased by 7% here in Ohio."

This is a great way to start a direct mail/website sales letter in
article format. Simply put, you reveal what people are about
to discover as they read your piece.
Example: "We used to think Vitamin C was the ultimate cold
fighter but the statistics and clinical research Dr. Hile is about
to reveal here may surprise you."

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This opening sentence method is nothing more than a
quotation from a respected source.
Example: General Patton: "Americans love a good fight."

This method is to simply start your first sentence off as a story.
Example: "Last night, I looked in the mirror and I couldn't
believe what I saw..."

Go ahead and start practicing these 6 proven methods for
writing that all important first sentence. Having a "killer first
sentence" may be all that's standing between you and a
successful marketing campaign.

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Copyright 2002 Mike Jezek. All rights reserved.



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