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Vol. 1 issue #20 Jul 15, 2002


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Winning Sales Letters Always Build Rapport. - Here's How...
 2002  Mike Jezek.

Listen, wouldn't you love to have the power to influence people to listen to you, to your ideas, to your demands, maybe even give money to you? And maybe even create a loyal base of customers, fans, or friends? I know I would. 

So how do we go about that? 

One answer, my friend. Rapport. It's a technique not only used by sales superstars. Religious leaders, politicians and business leaders also use it. How do we create rapport? Here are a few methods for creating rapport: 

Yes Sets/A.R.C.ing Statements. 

In copy we can occasionally sprinkle a few statements that are obvious yes questions. For example: 

-You know it's important to learn this don't you?.

-Isn't it a great time to start a business? 

-Going to college will give you an edge won't it.

-You do want more excitement in your life don't you? 

-You deserve the best things in life don't you.

Adding a question mark as opposed to a period is still open for debate so use what you feel will be best for your situation. Again the point of this technique is to get Mr. Prospect agreeing with you and hopefully be put in a "yes" frame of mind so he'll be more open to saying yes to your offer.



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Pacing/Undeniable Truths. 

This technique is similar to the above mentioned technique. With undeniable truths you sprinkle your copy with statements that are obvious statements you and your prospects accept. A few examples: 

-As you read this letter you notice I put the words unconditional guarantee in big bold letters. 

-Why have I sent you this two-page letter? 

-As you saw from the statistics I listed earlier that the rate is 6% now. 

-Remember what Bill Woods said in his testimonial? Well it can happen for you too

It's been said that you should use three to four pacing statements before you introduce a new thought that directs them to respond the way you want. 


This technique is simply becoming like your prospects in appearance, tone, and using the words that they're familiar with. For example, you wouldn't want to use graphics that convey the appearance of power for a food product or a cookbook. And you wouldn't want to talk to an accountant in copy the same way you would to a construction worker. Mirroring is simply becoming like your prospects, not just in graphics, but also print. 

Rapport if very similar to building credibility. The main difference between projecting an image of credibility and building rapport is that your prospect may already believe you and yet they don't identify with you enough to open their wallets. The thing you want to remember is people trust those who are more like them. And you can gain trust using the techniques discussed in this free report.

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