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Vol. 2 issue #259 May 8, 2008



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3 Commitments To Make As A Home Based Internet Marketer

by Gus Siverson

Ready? Set? Go!

And they're off. With fingers flying ferociously across the keyboard, and words spitting out onto the page like thunderous raindrops another day has dawned. Such is the life of a home-based Internet marketer.

Want to know what makes the difference between their success and an expensive time intensive hobby? It's called commitment.

Just because a home based Internet marketer might be working from home doesn't mean they don't have their work cut out for them. Let's look at 3 areas where commitment is essential for success from home online.

First and foremost Internet marketers, working from home, need to be committed to there target audience. Any ideas what the latest is on how many websites are on the Internet? It's enormous, whatever the figure. That, my friend, is your first level of competition. Create a website that is hard to navigate or clumsy in design and right off the start you're headed for disaster. Use bad color schemes within your web pages and people will stop just long enough to puke before moving on. However, if you use the correct color schemes, easy to navigate pages, and good design you've just sailed past a plethora of other sites that have not elected such options.


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Your still not in first place though, so next you need to be committed to developing name recognition. If your target audience is people looking for massive traffic to their website you certainly won't want to be talking about gourmet chocolate no matter how good it might be. Massive traffic people want to know one thing. What do you know about building massive traffic to my website and why should I care. So the content of your website, even the ads, need to focus on how Internet Marketers can build massive traffic to their own websites.


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Doing the above well will certainly propel you to a front-end contender but that is not the end of what commitments you need to make to your home-based Internet marketing business. You need to be committed to "not selling"!

Wait! You say. If I'm not selling then I'm not making money; and if I'm not making money I'm not in business.



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May I ask a question before you continue your rant? Did I say anything at all about not making money? What I did say is that you need to "not sell". There is a difference. How many web pages have you read that go on and on about the greatest latest widget you need to get. It's like those pages don't know when to stop. Some tout the advantages of such strategies; I'm just not among them. Sure you could strangle a dollar out of your customer but wouldn't it be much better to have them embrace the knowledge from their latest friend? Make a customer for a day perhaps, or a friend for life. Which makes the most sense to you?

To that extent....

Do not "sell" but teach.

Do not "market" but inform.

Do not "push" but help.

Then not only will you make money, but you will make a friend who will be more than glad to tell everyone they know, about you. And what is the best way of marketing anything anywhere in the world if it is not Word of Mouth?

Be committed to strategies like these listed above and your well on your way to making a living working from home on the Internet.



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