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Vol. 2 issue #295 October 14, 2009


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Increase Traffic and Conversions Systematically For Spectacular Results

by Gavin G Stephenson

Regardless of the type of product you're preparing to launch, there are only a few basic factors that ultimately affect revenue. These three factors are website traffic, conversions and selling price.

Price your Product Strategically

Most often, Internet marketers choose a product's price according to its value. They may also consider the amount of effort they put into creating it if it's a new product, as well. If you're launching an affiliate product, you may be concerned about pricing your product competitively.

Regardless of how you arrive at the price of a product, once it's set, it's going to be to your disadvantage to change it randomly to try to boost revenue. Oftentimes, product prices increase after a set period of time in accordance with a limited offer detailed in a product sales page. This is a different matter than changing prices randomly. If you plan and announce price changes ahead of time, that's acceptable. Randomly changing prices however will jepoardize your credibility and alienate customers.


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Boosting Web Site Traffic

One of the most important things you must do when launching a product is be certain that the right people see your product or offer. Often, Internet marketers focus on the increase in web site traffic because, they believe getting more traffic is important if they have to make sales. Yet they neglect to realize (or accept) that unless the traffic is targeted, visitors won't convert into buyers.

Unless the visitors to your web product launch site or salespage aren't interested, targeted potential buyers, they won't do a thing to increase your revenue.


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Website Traffic Conversions

Traffic conversions are perhaps the biggest factor to pay attention to while launching the product. How many people that visit your website are buying? It doesn't matter how much traffic you generate to your site. If those visitors aren't buying, your marketing is essentially unsuccessful.


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Increase Traffic and Conversions

One of the best ways to bring targeted traffic to your product launch site that will convert is to utilize a system that focuses on this goal. There are many strategies you can use to accomplish this goal.

Some of the many ways to increase web site traffic and increase conversion include link building, creating a quality mailing list and article marketing. All of these strategies may be implemented in a successful product launch marketing strategy.

Maybe you have time to devote to these and other effective marketing strategies and accomplish the tasks they involve by hand. Yet many Internet marketers find it is better to implement a system that will automate these processes as much as possible.

You have a couple of options for setting up systems that will boost web site traffic that's targeted. One way to do it is to choose a system that focuses on boosting targeted traffic on a continual basis. A second option is to buy a marketing system that will generate targeted traffic especially for product launches.

The majority of Internet marketers find a combined approach, which is the best. It's a simple matter to buy and utilize marketing systems that are very effective at building targeted traffic automatically. You can use this type of traffic generating system to automate the processes it takes to attract targeted traffic to your websites as well as your product launch pages for spectacular results.


Gavin Stephenson is an Ezine Articles Expert Author. Do you want to place your internet business for long term success with dynamic systems? Then log on to Gavin Stephenson's http://www.inexpensiveexposure.com and discover the continues truth to increase website traffic.

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