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Vol. 2 issue #308 April 21, 2010


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The Marketing Plans and Considerations That You Must Do in Business

by Joseph Pressley

Marketing affects almost every areas of your daily life. All the goods and services you buy, the stores where you shop, and the radio and TV programs paid for by advertising are there because of marketing. Even the job resume that you make in searching for a good position is part of marketing campaign to sell you to some employers. Marketing gives customers a choice among the many products available. If these products satisfy customers, fuller employment, higher income, and a high standard of living can result. Generally, an effective marketing system is important to the future and progress of businesses in all countries.

Most people might equate marketing to that of advertising and selling but this economic activity is more than just selling and advertising. It is an even larger process that provides needed direction for production and helps make sure that the right goods and services are produced and will find their way to the consumers. Selling and advertising is just part of the whole process of marketing. Before you run a business, you must at least consider a lot of things first and this solely focuses on what product you will make and how you will market them to your buyers.



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First of all, you must analyze the needs of the people and decide whether the consumers will want more or different kinds of your product. If for instance your business is on tazer guns for sale then foresee what types of self defense devices people need and want. You must consider the sizes, shapes, weights and the materials to be used for your product that will reach out to the needs of the people for protection and convenience.

The next important consideration that you must make is on the number of buyers that you can estimate and when they will buy your product. You must determine where in the different areas of the world you can locate them and how you will deliver the products to them. This is one important thing that you must bear in mind because the consumers will determine the success of your business.



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Once you have come up with an estimate on the number of people, you can now go on to the estimation of the price that these people are going to pay for your products. For instance, if consumers buy tasers on the estimate price that you made, make sure that your company is going to make a profit out of it. The price is also an important factor which can attract consumers and also progress your endeavor.


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Lastly, you must decide which kinds of promotion should be used to tell potential customers about your goods and services. You must be able to decide where and how to advertise your product. Find out about other competing companies who are marketing the same kind of products and the prices they have made for the products.

These are the important points that you must consider if you want to run a business or if you are already having a business of your own today. Your most important goal is to satisfy your consumers with what they want and need in order to prosper.



Joseph Pressley is a certified TASER instructor and the founder of BestStunGun.com which provides non-lethal self defense products such as stun guns, Taser and pepper sprays. Discover how stun guns and TASERs can save your life. Receive a free report on "Top 10 Self Defense Secrets Everyone Needs To Know". Limited amount available. Visit us and get your own copy now http://www.beststungun.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joseph_Pressley


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