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Vol. 2 issue #311 June 2, 2010


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Nothing Beats a Great Testimonial  

by Mark Hannah

One of your greatest challenges in business is to inspire trust in your prospects. Using testimonials can help you accomplish it. Your prospective clients expect you to endorse your product. But when other people say good things about your product or service it's much more powerful.

The problem is that while your clients may love your product or service writing a testimonial for you is not first on their mind. So what do you do about it? Ask. Call them and ask if they would write you a testimonial that you can use in your marketing materials. Next send them a letter thanking them in advance and enclose a self-addresses stamped envelope. If they respond better to email send them a thank you email and ask that they simply reply with their testimonial. Be careful, not often will a testimonial have the impact you were hoping for. So, when you request the testimonial there is nothing wrong with asking your client what to include in the testimonial. Here are some keys to a good testimonial.



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Ask for specifics. "Bill did a great job remodeling our kitchen" does not have the impact of "Bill took the time to understand our needs and budget. He then designed our dream kitchen and was very open to our ideas and to changes. He cleaned-up each day and the completed job is beautiful".

Edit lightly. It's okay to correct grammatical errors and shorten wordy statements but don't change meanings. Don't edit it to where it sounds scripted. People want to read testimonials that sound like they talk.



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Short vs. long. Use several short testimonials but a few long ones won't hurt if they are really good.

Use quotation marks. Studies show that people respond more to quoted copy and their eyes are drawn to it. Quotes make it more believable.


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Use full names and location. Ask your client for permission to use their full name, title and location. It makes the testimonial much more powerful. Using initials or just a first name and city (Jim, Cleveland) looks fake. Below their location include their web address. If the testimonial is being used on your website, create a link. This will give the testimonial much more credibility.


Mark Hannah is the president and owner of Full Color Resources a supplier full color printing, signs, and banners. Mark has owned multiple businesses. He has several years of experience in printing and marketing. Mark's passion to help small businesses succeed is why Full Color Resources offers free marketing support on topics such as image and direct marketing. For more marketing and printing tips visit his blog at http://www.fullcolorresources.com/blog/
Free samples can be requested a
http://www.fullcolorresources.com Unchain The Power Of Full Color!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_Hannah


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