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Vol. 2 issue #317 August 25, 2010


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Marketing Your Business in Today's Economy

by Laurent Goldstein

I would like to share some ideas with you today on how to be successful in today's market.

1) Do not settle for the status quo.

We live in a fast changing world and it is necessary to carefully watch trends and adapt to latest marketing concepts and technology if you do not want to be left in the dust. You should question the effectiveness of traditional external marketing tools like yellow pages and newspaper advertising, mailing campaigns... Focus instead on generating more business from the internet.


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2) Rise above the noise.

In today's highly competitive market, business owners have to highlight what makes them different from the competition. A question you should ask yourself is "why should people come to me rather than my competitors?". Look at areas and aspects of your business that set you apart and shine the light on this. If you own a family business going back 2 or 3 generations, be proud of this heritage and capitalize on it. It implies consistency of service, customer satisfaction and is proof of doing something right in order to stay in business for so long.

It is reassuring for the customer. If you specialize in 1 area, even if it is a niche market, celebrate the niche! It will attract clients who will be happy that you can provide a product or a service that is not available everywhere and they will spread the word for you. Remember, satisfied clients do not usually refer, enthusiastic ones always do!


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3) Create an experience for the client.

Look at how the pop corporation sells its drink, it create an experience for the consumer! And soon, products will be marketed in 3D in order to engage the consumer even further in a sensorial experience. That experience should start on your website. Having a nice website is not good enough today to allow you to "rise above the noise" and create an experience as your competitors have nice websites too! Have a video commercial specially created for you and your business and put it on your home page. This will give an opportunity for the potential client to experience what it would be like to use your services or products.

The more engaging the video is, the more attracted they will be to you and your business. The experience should continue when they come to your business. How inviting is it? How knowledgeable and professional is your staff? How do they answer the phone? What internal marketing systems have you put in place to sell more to your "captive audience"? I encourage you to spend a few minutes today looking at you business as if you were a customer. Leave your pre-conceived ideas behind, empty your mind and look at it from the client's point of view. If you have a reception area and there is a clock on the wall behind it, is this necessary? If the client is waiting to see you, you are reminding them that you are late. Is that creating a positive experience for the client?


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4) Be passionate about what you do.

Most business owners are excited and passionate about what they do when they launch their business. Then the daily grind of administrative and financial headaches sets in and it is difficult sometimes to stay connected to the reasons that motivated them to do what they do. Passion acts as a magnet and expressing your love for what you do will generate more business for you, effortlessly.



Laurent Goldstein. Co -owner of http://www.citruspiemg.com an innovative online marketing company that specializes in creating video commercials, Creating Social Media Campaigns, and Designing Word Press Websites for small business owners.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Laurent_Goldstein


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