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Vol. 3 issue #364 October 14, 2012


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How to Turn Your Words Into Wealth

by Tammi Metzler

When you discover how to effectively communicate your message in your marketing materials, particularly on your website or in advertisements you may run, you can quite literally turn your words into wealth.

Simply by choosing the right words to describe your product or service can mean all the difference between a business that struggles and one that thrives.

Sound too simple to be true?

Consider this: a major publisher once had a real dud on its hands, a book that wasn't selling squat. So one savvy editor changed the title of the book and it became a national bestseller, nearly overnight. Not a single word inside the book was changed, just the title. How cool is that?

You can experience similar shifts in your business, simply by changing the way you communicate your message, the way you share your solutions with those prospects who need what you have to offer.

You may have heard me talk about power words before; it's been a hot topic in previous seminars I've held, but in case you haven't I'll give a brief overview on why these are important, and then I'll give a few examples to help you get a better idea of how to put these into place.


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Writing your web copy and other marketing materials is about so much more than just throwing together words that sound good; your marketing copy really needs to first grab your prospects' attention, then get them excited about what your product or service has to offer, and finally get their wheels turning about how your solution will transform their business/life/relationship/etc.

The right words will help your prospects really feel how great it will be to work with you and get the results they so badly want and need.

Need an example?

Let's take the plain Jane phrase: "Learn how to train your dog" and spruce it up a bit with a few "power words" to make it: "Tap into 3 insider secrets that will crack the code of your dog's stubborn behavior and help you become the master of your domain!"

See how much more powerful and intriguing that is?

Here's another example: replace "Stop your dog from barking" with "Discover 5 proven ways to instantly stop your dog's incessant barking for good...so you can savor refreshing silence once more!"

Are you getting a feel for how much more powerful your statements can be when you learn to effectively communicate your solutions, your value and your brilliance?



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That's how important all of this is, and why you should be paying extra attention to how you're communicating your solutions.

It can be overwhelming to think about overhauling all of your marketing materials, so it may help to start small by taking a look at one thing at a time. Maybe start by examining your home page copy or maybe the title of your lead-generating free giveaway. Think about where a few simple tweaks can make your promotions more compelling.

Tammi Metzler, founder of The Write Associate, is a Copywriter and Marketing Consultant who helps solo entrepreneurs worldwide get more clients with their online marketing efforts. Her one-on-one copywriting services and marketing training materials have helped clients achieve outstanding results, including as much as a 600% increase in new clients within just a few weeks' time. She has created a "101 Power Words" document that will give you some of the hottest words you can use to grab attention and inspire readers to take action. You can grab this power list completely free of charge by visiting http://writeassociate.com/powerwords/



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