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Opus DesignOpus Design is an acclaimed brand approach and also aesthetic style agency. We supply a full variety of creative solutions in the locations of brand name advancement, print style, electronic as well as web design as well as infographics. We develop with function and also our company believe that the finest design is visually remarkable and also tactically reliable. We are enthusiastic about empowering the inspiring leaders in the education and learning, charitable and food and also drink fields to deeply link with their target audiences, to surpass their organizational goals and to provide on their objectives. And, we care genuinely concerning each of our customers, priding ourselves on extraordinary service and responsiveness.
Better SanitizerOur Active Ingredient is Widely Used and Especially Useful for: * Hand sanitizers * Wet wipes * Shampoos * Soaps * Deodorants * Cosmetics * Active ingredient in surgical disinfection * Algaecides for clearing of algae, moss and lichens from paths * Cleaning of Roof tiles * Swimming pools * Masonry * Burn and ulcer treatment * Ear and nasal drops * Over-the-counter single-application treatments for cold-sores and fever blisters. * Skin antiseptics * Wound wash sprays * Spermicidal creams * Spray disinfectants for solid-surface sanitization * Throat lozenges * Mouthwash as a biocide. NOTE: Please be aware that many of the items listed above, the concentration of the ingredient for those products is much higher than for a sanitizer.
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Maxbpo llcFounded in 1997 and having 100+ clients across 4 continents and 30+ countries. Providing business outsourcing services to mid-size companies, large enterprises and fortune 500 companies in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and rest of world
Crayford BizCome in, look, admire, buy and do not trade
StaTone Products and ServicesStaTone's Rhythm Wear Clothing Line. Tee Shirts and Hats.
lenceriaEvery Woman, Every Day: Dynamic, Beautiful and Strong. Celebrate your beauty with collection of intimate apparel and activewear.
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HOS Financial| Income Shifting - Land Banking - Private Reserve Banking | There are Wealth Principles never taught in schools, but always passed down to generations at “wealthy dinner tables”. I’m working with a group of professionals who have mastered these principles and we’re on a mission to EDUCATE, by simply sharing the information to help others. Take a minute to watch the video:
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