Tyranny Liberator Photovoltaic System

Date10/2/2020 7:20:31 PM
PriceUSD 37.00
Have you installed solar panels? Did that bring a 70% or even a 50% decrease in your electricity costs? It didn’t, of course.

That’s because the normal solar panels you use waste more than 80% of solar energy. You get less than 20% of output, which honestly does very little when it comes to reducing your bills.

There’s a better method to do that, though.

And its called Tyranny Liberator.

Tyranny Liberator is the name given to the guide and video tutorials to one of the most well-kept secrets of the century.

A secret that lays out plans for creating THE most efficient electricity storage device the world has ever seen until now.

Elon Musk has discovered this only recently, but the technology was already taking its nascent breaths before it was crippled by the military.

It was 1995 when the Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems (ISE) discovered a solar cell far more efficient than the ones you use. So efficient that it worked completely opposite to that of the existing solar cells.

Meaning, it converted more than 80% of solar radiation into pure electricity. When its efficiency was calculated, you won’t believe that it came out to be more than 500 times that of a normal solar cell.

But why are we talking about it in the past tense?

Thanks to this guide and the accompanying video tutorials, that secret is no more in the closet. It’s out and ready to liberate you from the tyranny of powerhouses and your government.
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