North American recycling of depe pipes, IBC barrels

Date12/2/2020 4:35:39 PM
North America recycling HDPE pipes, IBC barrels, hollow big blue barrels, plastic pallets.
WEN YUAN CANADA LTD. is committed to plastics recycling and Plastic customization service Recycles plastics for HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE,PVC,PP,ABS,etc. PE supply water pipe ,PE gas pipe,PVC,supply water pipe,PE-RT heating pipe,plastic tray,pp bucket,pe bucket,plastic film ,garbage can,etc.

Plastic customization service for Hdpe water pipes hdpe ,Pipe fifttings ,Gas fittings, Refrigerated box,PP adapter,Make new mould for special shaped products ,etc. by WEN YUAN are available in a wide range of SDRs in accordance with recognized ISO or ASTM EN AS/NZS International pressure rating procedures .
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