Ultimate Exercise Program

If you’re looking to build a powerful, flexible and agile physique using just the weight of your own body, then this is the training protocol for you.

Method Makia Training is the only workout program that takes your personal level of fitness and gives you the option to choose an optimal program suited to your abilities.

Imagine having a certified personal trainer carefully watching over you during your training, giving you the most effective exercises just for you and encouraging you to incrementally develop strength and mobility you never thought you could posess.

Unlike other cookie-cutter programs, Method Makia Total+ gives you numerous training programs to choose from, ranging from beginner level to advanced athlete. You also get constant feedback on your progress to ensure you’re on the path to being in the greatest shape of your life.

As a bonus you get the Integrated Method Makia diet app which will give you a evidence-backed nutrition plan, designed to get you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. (You won’t have to starve or count calories ever again!) But it’s more than a diet app. It’s also a habit-building tool that will help you cement healthy eating habits that will serve you for the rest of your life!
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