The Ultimate Date Guide

How To Unlock A 'Secret Emotion' In Your Relationship, That When Triggered, Opens The Flood Gates To An Overdose Amount Of Desire, Attraction And Intense Sexual Energy Between You Both.
Drawing you both closer together than you have EVER imagined!
It really doesn’t matter if you haven’t even been on your first official date yet, or even if you’ve just started dating exclusively… You could even be celebrating your 30th marriage anniversary, it really doesn’t matter!

No matter what stage your relationship is at, this is guide is a MUST HAVE if you want to make sure the relationship you build is one that's full of fun, love, intimacy and that lasts forever... The Ultimate Date Guide is for you!
Bachelors & Bachelorettes
Single? That's okay!

Make sure you're prepared when the time comes to ask your lucky desired person on your first date!

The Ultimate Date Guide will help you sweep them off their feet and leave them wondering "WOW, where the EFF did this person come from!?"
The 'Newbies'
What are we? Is it serious or is it just a fling? Either way, you're going to want to start creating new memories together that keep them HOOKED!

The Ultimate Date Guide will make sure you're relationship starts off on the happiest and most romantic foundation possible.
The 'Married Couple'
Not literally married, but being married totally works too!

Skyrocket your relationship into a much more fun, exciting and intimate level using our Ultimate Date Guide. Don't let the honeymoon phase disappear!

You'll both feel those exact same butterflies and the excitement just like your very first date!
The 'Once In A Blue Mooners'
Is the only time you really get out and about on a birthday or anniversary? And let me guess, it's always the exact same scenario or location?

This stops now, The Ultimate Date Guide gives you over 240+ different things to do and adventure challenges to complete, meaning.. NO MORE EXCUSES!!
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