What are the chapters in class 12 biology?

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The NCERT biology class 12 Book, recommended by the CBSE, consists of 16 chapters covering topics such as reproduction, genetics and evolution, genetics and evolution, human biology and well-being, biotechnology and its applications, principles of inheritance and variation, human health and disease , principles and processes of biotechnology, strategies to increase food production, ecosystems and environmental issues, and ecology and the environment.

Entrancei NCERT Solutions for 16 Chapters in Class 12 The NCERT Biology Textbook is available here for students looking to get good grades in the upcoming 2020-21 Board of Directors Exams. And other competitive exams. Students can access the provided NCERT solutions for free in PDF format. Grade 12 lays the foundation for higher education for every student. This makes it the most essential class for any student aspiring to their dream of quality higher education. A good mark in this class equates to a quality higher education. As such, it becomes extremely important for students to improve their 12th grade biology preparation with entrancei NCERT solutions.
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