Date10/25/2021 6:34:03 AM
PriceUSD 229.00
The new SolidCLEANER is a certified and FDA registered product to solve your CPAP cleaning needs. It is built to kill 99.99% of germs and pathogens in CPAP equipment. It contains a large battery which helps elongate the time for use before recharging. Having a 2600mAh battery, you can clean up to 8 times before a recharge is necessary. It is inbuilt with two major features to ease the use of this equipment.
• Automatic shut-off.
• Low battery indicator.
The SolidCLEANER is built to automatically shut off after the cleaning cycle is complete. It also automatically displays the battery percentage to ensure that you charge the cleaner adequately to your convenience. It is the only portable cleaner that has two options when choosing a cleaning cycle. It has a 20-minute mode and a 30-minute mode. The longer the equipment is cleaned for the better the results. The user can access both modes just by one click specifying the preferred mode when cleaning.
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