Panic attacks & anxiety - what to do?

Do you sometimes feel trapped in a situation?

Does you ever get weird sensations like you tense up and are about to panic and your heart feels like it went up your throat?

Would you like to be more relaxed, liberated, fun-loving, and spontaneous again?

Are you afraid of having your next panic attack? Or you might be in a vicious cycle of fearing fear itself?

Do you sometimes have palpitations? Does it sometimes come suddenly and you have no control?

Do you feel distressed, anxious or dizzy sometimes?

Do you have trouble sleeping at night because you're restless or uneasy?

You are told things like "this only happens in your head" or "you can't stress yourself out so much"?

You sometimes don't want to go out anymore because the anxietymight return at any time?

You want to be free again, drive a car worry-free, meet people or go shopping?

Have you ever had obsessive thoughts or nervous feelings?

Are you afraid of rejection when someone hears about your panic attacks?

You don't want to disappoint your loved ones?

Perhaps, therapy did not work?

Imagine that soon your friends will notice that you are full of positive energy and carefree again. So, be sure to read this website to the end. It could change your life.
You may be familiar with any of the following symptoms:

Pressure in your chest, tingling in your stomach, a feeling of anxiety or panic, a dull feeling of being uneasy, tension, overwhelming anxiety, suffocation, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, obsessive-compulsive thoughts or actions, insecurity in groups of several people, fear of tight spaces or crowds, etc.

If at least one of these symptoms sounds familiar to you, then you're definitely not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have the same problems. There is a way that you can do all the things you did before you were suffering anxiety or panic attacks.
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