99 Beauty Care- Simple Makeup Steps for the Beginners

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Date7/29/2022 6:04:38 AM
Simple Make Up Steps for the Beginners Make up is nothing but the professional touch up for highlighting your natural features. Modern time is of showbiz, so we all need to be ready all the time with our best looks. Beautiful managed looks boosts the confidence to next level.

Expert team of 99 institute of beauty and wellness recognize the need of our shares the

Simple Make Up Steps for the Beginners
Simple Make Up Steps for the BeginnersCleanse the face – Wash the face with gentle cleanser and wipe away the leftover impurities with face toner

Apply moisturizer- Choose moisturizer as per the skin and season. Choose gel based moisturized for oily skin and summer season and cream based for dry skin and winter season. After applying the moisturizer, wait for few minutes to get it absorbed in the skin.

Hide with concealer – Hide the dark spots with concealer that you do not what to show to others.
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