The Lost Superfoods-126 Forgotten Survival Foods.

“The Lost Superfoods” contains all the forgotten foods that saved countless lives throughout human history.
These are the real foods you should add to your pantry instead of “plastic” and expensive ones.
Discover the Lost Superfoods that could save your life during the next crisis
Like the “Doomsday Ration,” our own U.S government secretly developed to make sure we won the Cold War.
Or the superfood that fueled the greatest Mongol conquests of Genghis Khan.
This massive 271-page book is choke-full of inexpensive and long-lasting survival foods and preservation methods you won’t read or hear about anywhere else.
Over 100 to be more exact.
You’ll get all the recipes in minute detail with photos guiding you each step of the way.
With these lost superfoods in your pantry, you’ll be able to keep your family well-fed during the darkest of times.
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