Enterprise and Supplier Development - ESD3SIXTY

Date10/14/2022 11:15:14 AM
Find Enterprise & Supplier Development in South Africa. ESD3SIXTY provides enterprise and supplier development services in South Africa. Our Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) program has been appreciated by its beneficiaries as one of the most powerful and effective interventions. Our enterprise and supplier development programs reach out to small businesses to assess their strengths and weaknesses. We create customized programs for each SME, enabling us to create tangible and lasting impact. We place great emphasis on job creation, revenue and profit growth and overall skilling of selected entrepreneurs and their teams. Our ESD programs are tailored to the needs of small businesses to tackle relevant issues related to scalability, whether related to their operations, cash flow or sales. At the same time, we also place great emphasis on optimizing supplier delivery to ensure efficiency and overall quality improvement.
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