Integrated Insight Therapy

Established in 2012, Insight Therapy Solutions is on a mission to transform the lives of at-risk youth in rural Nevada. Our visionary CEO and founder, Franchesca Van Buren, hails from a humble town in rural Nevada, where mental health resources were scarce. While practicing law in the bustling city, Franchesca was moved by the story of a little girl from her hometown - a tale of unspeakable abuse and the lack of resources in the big city. In response, ITS was born, not just to aid that little girl but to empower countless others who might have otherwise suffered in silence. Our commitment is clear: change lives, one person at a time, by breaking down the barriers to mental health services. The revolutionary power of telehealth ensures that distance is no longer an obstacle to discovering the perfect therapist fit. At Insight Therapy Solutions, we're not just offering services; we're delivering hope, healing, and a pathway to a brighter future for every life we touch.
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