India BJP got the support of Dalits and Muslim minority vote

Date3/1/2024 8:12:57 AM
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Which party will win 2024 Election in India? A lot will depend on the result of the UP Lok Sabha election. There are 80 Lok Sabha seats in UP, which play a crucial part as to who will become the next Prime Minister of India, after the Election verdict 2024 is announced. As per Lok Sabha election 2024 opinion poll, BJP is set to gain in the Hindi belt, and maximum number of Lok Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh, with CM Yogi Aditynath at helm, will be for BJP.

The Alpsankhyak vote or the Muslim vote percentage in UP may not be sizeable. One reason perhaps may be that there have not been enough BJP schemes for minorities. Despite this, there are certain BJP leaders who have great clout and following among the Muslims. One such name is of BJP leader, MP from Lucknow and presently Union Minister for Defence, Rajnath Singh, who is extremely popular among the Minorities as well as the Majority Community. Though UP Muslims may not vote en masse for BJP but there are still pockets where a good number of Minority Vote will go to Bhartiya Janata Party, in particular Lucknow Lok Sabha seat is set to see a good number of Muslims voting for the former Chief Minister of UP. Wafa Abbas, young and dynamic businessman from Lucknow, has taken upon his shoulders the task of getting maximum possible vote share of Muslims in Lucknow for Rajnath Singh in the Lok Sabha 2024 election. Through his NGO Amber Foundation, Wafa Abbas is reaching out to maximum number of people, though not necessarily Muslims. Wafa Abbas believes in genuinely working for the upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden and if in the course there is Muslims of Old Lucknow too benefit from the plethora of welfare programs that Amber Foundation is running, it is all the more better.
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