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Need a Private Tutor or Teacher?Need a Private Tutor or Teacher?
City:Brooklyn, Maryland, United States United States
Category:Services (Tutors, languages)
Date:8/23/2021 12:49:29 PM (28 days ago)
Description:WISDOM Instructional Consulting is a K-12 tutoring agency providing Special Education and General Education services to the NYC area. Due to COVID-19 we are also operating virtually, providing remo...
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Online French TutorOnline French Tutor
City:All Of Washington DC, Washington DC, United States United States
Category:Services (Tutors, languages)
Date:8/30/2021 4:26:09 PM (21 days ago)
Description:Bonjour!I am a native speaker and I've been teaching private lessons since 2010 and have loved helping my students to speak a new language, to successfully pass their exams, and to increase their l...
SPSS - Data processing, analysis, reporting, visualizationSPSS - Data processing, analysis, reporting, visualization
City:All Cities, Washington DC, United States United States
Category:Services (Tutors, languages)
Date:12/4/2017 7:50:36 PM (1386 days ago)
Description:SPSS - Solve statistical problems in SPSS.We are here to help you with SPSS.Contact me/us I/we can help you.If you require statistical analysis of data in SPSS, we are here to help you. If you want...
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