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Vol. 1 issue #174 Dec 13, 2005                    


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The Holiday Season Is Upon Us
2005 by Bob Osgoodby

Despite all the negativism by a small minority, the Holiday
Season is upon us. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and there
will be a Christmas. With the rush of holiday shopping however,
people tend to neglect their online businesses.

Every business has its peaks and valleys. During the Holiday
Season for example, retailers have their peaks. Other businesses
may suffer however, but even during the "lean" times they must
still meet their monthly obligations.

The pundits may argue that the economy is what is causing
turmoil and business failures. Businesses that do fail however,
most likely have overextended themselves, to the point that
their cash inflow wasn't enough to cover their expenses. How
does this affect the small entrepreneur? Can we learn a lesson
from this?

It doesn't matter how great your product is or how wonderful
your service, if you don't have customers, all you have is a
skill, or a product. People don't go into business normally as a
hobby, although a lot of hobbies do turn into a business. The
trick however, is to turn it into a positive cash flow to
realize your goals. If you're serious about doing business, you
must plan for the long run. Successful businesses don't normally
just happen. They are the result of long hours of planning, and
a great deal of work.

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Violet's General Info

Kaliel Quintessa   
Violet Paille (user id: Kaliel_Quintessa) is offline. Last login: 4/25/2005 2:39:14 PM 16 Friends
Member since 4/13/2005
Mrs. Violet Paille
Gender Female
Age 25
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Interests My daughter, My husband, Psychic, Spiritualism, Buddhism, Meditation, Teaching, Helping Others, Music, Business
Company Gothic City Promotions
URL View Gothic City Promotions's web site
Industry Natural Psychic Reader, Clairvoyant, Soul Reading, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Abilities Mentor.

There must also be a "war chest" of funds available until a
positive cash flow is achieved. One of the major problems that
many encounter when starting up, is that they overextend their
financial resources. No matter what your business, or how it is
run, you must be able to meet current bills when they come due.

If you are considering joining an affiliate program, a number of
companies were founded that were simply "Ponzies" in disguise.
The majority of their cash inflow was the result of signing up
new members. When the cash flow from new recruits dried up, so
did the investment of those who had joined.

Are there legitimate companies out there - sure and many have a
great track record. They don't rely on attracting high priced
recruits, but have a legitimate product or service that they
offer. If you are going to get involved in one of these
companies, their track record should be a major concern.

So - assuming you found such a company, it is time to
investigate the feasibility of you going into business with
them. They provide the product or service, and you must set
yourself up in business. Here is where the cash flow comes into

Can you afford the monthly amount you pay them? Can you afford
to promote your relationship with this business without
immediate income? If the answer to either question is "no",
you'd be well advised to reconsider. 

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If the answer is "yes", how are you going to promote it? Most
companies recommend you exhaust your "warm market" first. Your
"warm market" is your circle of family and friends that you
might convince to join in with you. Eventually however, you are
going to exhaust this market and must start seeking people
outside that circle.

One way to attract new people is in the online arena. While this
will not replace the "face to face" contact that is necessary,
if it is done correctly, it can add a valuable source of
additional income.

Many people make the mistake of using a web site supplied by
their company. While this can be a valuable tool, it really ties
you into their product. If you get your own site, you can use it
to highlight your offerings. It is of course necessary to
advertise your web site, and ezines and newsletters usually give
you the best return on your investment. With a modest investment
on your part, you can realize a decent return.

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Usually, for less than a few hundred dollars, you can get a web
site and advertise in ezines targeted to your potential market.
Most people can afford this without counting on their cash
intake to cover the expenses. Determine what you can spend out
of pocket to make something like this work. Then, as your cash
flow improves, expand your advertising to include a broader

While this is a modest start, it doesn't put you in the position
where you must realize income to make expenses. Above all be
patient and realize it will take time and effort to realize your
goals. Remember, during the holiday season, you can take some
giant steps forward while others are neglecting their businesses.


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