Heat Reflective Coatings service provider

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Heat Reflective Coatings service provider

Heat reflective coatings are usually high performance coatings such as PVDF or acrylic. They are mainly used to reflect heat from structures or assemblies such as walls or roofs, with roofing being the most common application. The first heat reflective coating was bright white and had to be kept clean to maintain reflectivity. Another type of heat reflective coating uses reflective particles, such as aluminum or ceramic; These particles are mixed into the coating during production. Alternatively, the heat reflective powder is mixed into the coating before the applicant applies; an Itive dative is usually added to the finish coat. If you are considering changing the look and temperature of your home with a Heat reflective coatings, contact Protective Industrial Coating for a gift or coat today.Protexion is a specialized solution provider in industrial coatings, paints, all types of waterproofing, and flooring suppliers and service providers across all over India. Engaged in supply and application of polymeric-based high-performance coatings, Waterproofing, and Flooring solutions for high-end engineering applications. We deal in a wide range of Protective coatings, flooring solutions, Waterproofing, and coating products for various applications. We provide protective and custom coatings for industrial and commercial applications. All the products are unique in their own class and offer “Techno-Commercial” benefits with value addition and cost-saving.