Your Diabetes Breakthrough

Date4/11/2018 7:01:00 PM
PriceUSD 47.00
Whether You Have Prediabetes or Type II Diabetes It's Time For Your Diabetes Breakthrough​. Six Video Modules To Guide You In Your ​Breakthrough.In this module we cover the basics of the epidemic rise ​and a simple overview of the disease and it's related complications.This module gives an overview of her 3M Formula. Tracy reveals the three areas that has helped her stay free from complications for ​40 years, Mind, Mouth, and Move.Your ability to fight prediabetes and Type ​II diabetes starts with your mindset. Here we discuss how hope, along with the proper mindset is the key to battling this disease.In this module we cover how you can develop self-control muscles. These muscles are needed to conquer the daily temptations that can negatively impact the battle for your health.Your health and blood sugars are directly related to what you put in your mouth. Here we cover learning to "Eat to live not live to eat.Movement is critical in being healthy and taking control of your blood sugars. We cover how movement impacts ​prediabets and Type II diabetes and learn ways to get more ​movement throughout your day
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