Top Liquids for Your Smoothie

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Date9/13/2022 4:46:14 AM
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When you create your smoothie, you will likely be super excited as you think about all the different types of fruits and vegetables you can put in! This is what is going to dictate the main flavor of your drink and also provide most of the goodness, so no wonder itís exciting letting those creative juices flow!

But while you're at it, try not to overlook the ëboringí part of your smoothie either ñ the liquid. This might just be ëwaterí but itís actually one of the most important ingredients in there. And actually, this area allows for a little creativity tool

The Role of Your Liquid

The role of your liquid is of course to provide the fluidity of your drink. This is what makes it a drink and ,otherwise it would be a kind of strange mash. Of course itís up to you whether you prefer a smoothie to be very runny or a little thicker, so choosing the quantity of your liquid is going to be a big area where you can right away influence the outcome.

At the same time, your liquid will also make your smoothie hydrating while affecting the flavor itself. As weíll see in a second, some liquids can have a big impact on the way a smoothie functions and tastes!
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