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Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments Suppliers Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments Suppliers
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Health, beauty)
Date:4/9/2024 4:44:15 PM (7 days ago)
Description:NaugraMedical is one of the top Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments Suppliers in India and China. We provide a large selection of Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments, offering premium goods at affordable price...
Companion Flange Drive Shaft AdaptersCompanion Flange Drive Shaft Adapters
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:For Sale (Electronics)
Date:12/6/2023 6:12:53 AM (133 days ago)
Description:A hub flange is a jointing mechanism that is utilised when the joints must be dismantled. The pipes are connected to different valves and equipment using a flange, which gives the pipes flexibility...
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Interior Design)
Date:4/11/2023 8:41:49 PM (371 days ago)
Description:Treuhand is a dynamic team of experts comprising architects, interior designers, and specialists from diverse backgrounds. We are passionate about designing spaces that are not only aesthetically p...
Why UK MBA Is Right for You - UniAthenaWhy UK MBA Is Right for You - UniAthena
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:E-books, online lessons (Careers)
Date:5/24/2023 7:13:25 AM (328 days ago)
Description:Settling for a normal MBA from your local MBA? No chance! Grab a UK MBA today and see your career skyrocket. An MBA from a UK university is more valued and globally accepted. The education that thi...
School Management System - Genius EducationSchool Management System - Genius Education
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Computer)
Date:6/23/2023 5:25:32 AM (299 days ago)
Description:Genius Education ERP offers a comprehensive School Management System Software designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance educational efficiency. Our School ERP Software Cloud Based, Sc...
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