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Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments Suppliers Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments Suppliers
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Health, beauty)
Date:4/9/2024 4:44:15 PM (6 days ago)
Description:NaugraMedical is one of the top Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments Suppliers in India and China. We provide a large selection of Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments, offering premium goods at affordable price...
Companion Flange Drive Shaft AdaptersCompanion Flange Drive Shaft Adapters
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:For Sale (Electronics)
Date:12/6/2023 6:12:53 AM (132 days ago)
Description:A hub flange is a jointing mechanism that is utilised when the joints must be dismantled. The pipes are connected to different valves and equipment using a flange, which gives the pipes flexibility...
School Management System - Genius EducationSchool Management System - Genius Education
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Computer)
Date:6/23/2023 5:25:32 AM (298 days ago)
Description:Genius Education ERP offers a comprehensive School Management System Software designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance educational efficiency. Our School ERP Software Cloud Based, Sc...
$ 45
Why UK MBA Is Right for You - UniAthenaWhy UK MBA Is Right for You - UniAthena
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:E-books, online lessons (Careers)
Date:5/24/2023 7:13:25 AM (328 days ago)
Description:Settling for a normal MBA from your local MBA? No chance! Grab a UK MBA today and see your career skyrocket. An MBA from a UK university is more valued and globally accepted. The education that thi...
City:Kano, Kano, Nigeria Nigeria
Category:Services (Interior Design)
Date:4/11/2023 8:41:49 PM (370 days ago)
Description:Treuhand is a dynamic team of experts comprising architects, interior designers, and specialists from diverse backgrounds. We are passionate about designing spaces that are not only aesthetically p...
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