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Where else can you get your own business started in a matter of a few hours? You have a business that will:

  • Generate Revenue

  • Increase Traffic to your existing Website

  • Increase your Promotional Prospects


We have just completed Beta testing our new Local Pressmania Branded Classifieds system. The new classified system is a result of 12 years of experience in Classified Advertising, and is now being offered to all.

As you might already know, classifieds sites are as much in demand these days as they were 15 years ago when the Internet started. Actually they are even more important for business owners today as more and more Internet users are accustomed with paying online, thus making good income possible. 

In addition local online classifieds are being used more often today, as many newspapers went bankrupt, and demand for advertising is shifting to online outlets.

Pressmania Branded Classifieds is your own out of the box business that allows you to:

  • Integrates easily into your site. (We can set it up for you as your domain e.g.
    or subdomain of your existing website e.g.
  • Build your lists and be able to broadcast to the lists. (You will be provided with utility, normally available
    to paid members which will allow you to send your messages to various sets of users including all
    members of the entire Pressmania website)
  • You control the pricing and you set the ad rates.
  • Promotional, you can place your own ads or offer them to your own customers for free or at
    a discounted rate.

This could be your Branded Classifieds site!

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Here are some of the main features you’ll enjoy with your very own brand:

  • Free customer support provided by Pressmania staff is included, so that you don’t have to.
  • Free premium ads for yourself and for customers you choose.
  • Free stores with enabled PayPal selling modules for your customers draw in more traffic.
  • Your logo and several colors templates to choose from allow you to personalize your brand.
  • Increased traffic to your website if you host it as a sub domain of your existing business or full domain.
    Your Alexa rating will go up, by just having classifieds in addition to your existing domain.
  • Easy integration with Google analytics allowing you real time statistics provided by Google.
  • If you ever decide to downgrade, you still will be treated as our affiliate and be eligible to earn
    commissions up to 30%.
  • Multilingual. The system was built from the ground up to accept various languages, and
    already operates in two languages. Further languages will be added as the product grows.
  • There are features which will be made available in the future, such as choosing only certain
    categories of ads to display to your audiences and more colors and templates for the site look. Your brand is prefilled with ads which come from the core Pressmania database, so it looks
    like a well established business from the start and entices customers to use it.

What have our Beta Testers said about the Branded Classifieds?

  • "I like the crisp, clean interface. I think it attracts advertisers."

  • "Great site. Great idea!"
  • "I think it's a great site. My ads look beautiful. Great Pricing!"
  • "I like the fact, that you can promote something that most people need online."


Can Starting your Own Business really be this Easy?

Today you can be the owner of such an outlet yourself, for a nominal fee, without any responsibility on your end. All you do is expose your version of our classifieds system within your community. You can use your own domain or subdomain, or become part of our domain. You can brand look of your classifieds site and use your own logo and redirect traffic back to your own business, after placing ads.


The Pressmania Branded Classifieds - Get Started This Moment!

We offer three levels of ownership starting from $12.95 per month to $34.95 per month to suit your needs and the risk you want to take.

You will be able to upgrade to the highest level of ownership at any time or downgrade.

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At Adlandpro - Prices are guaranteed to stay the same for as long as you keep the service active.

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You are now ready to start earning revenue and promoting your own classifieds!

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Don't miss out on your chance to make money promoting your own Classifieds! Make Money, Increase your Traffic and Promotional Opportunities!


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