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Free Classifieds Ads

AdlandPro Free World's Classifieds is offering free ads to everyone in two forms:

  1. Three free ads per day to everybody without joining our affiliate program up to 20 ads max. (After you reach 20 ads, you still will be able to submit new ads but your oldest ads will be automatically removed to keep total number of your ads to 20.)
    If this is your first visit to our site, please create your free account. If you already created an account, please login.
  2. You can remove those limitations by becoming AdlandPro affiliate.
    It is fast and easy. Once you are approved, you will be able to submit unlimited number of ads, earn free advertising and get paid commissions.
    Alternatively you can upgrade to Gold Member and also get unlimited amount of free ads plus Advanced advertising package and marketing tools.
  3. Your ads submitted to our site are linked from other 89588 members sites.
    AdlandPro Classifieds is ranked as 6000-th site in the world according to so take advantage of exposure to our site.

Traffic Exchange - Free traffic to your website

You can purchase credits for this service or earn it in several ways

  1. Set a start page.
  2. Add a code on your website which will create pop-up window with ads of other advertisers. Click here to see this kind of pop-up window.
  3. Add piece of code on your site which will display as part of your page. After page loads, scroll to the bottom to see Adlandpro Traffic Exchange portion.
  4. Browse pages of other members. Each visit will earn you 1 point. There is a limit one user can earn per day.
  5. Subscribe other members. For each credit your referrals earn, you will earn one credits six levels down.
  6. Just for initiating the system you will be given free 500 credits. To do that close this window and click Tr-Exchange tab and follow the steps.

When you place your ad on the AdlandPro Traffic Exchange you join a Network of more than 200,000 users. This Network shares common interests in:

- business development
Use the exchange as part of your "intelligence" gathering as you browse ads, not only do you get credit for the ads you look for more information, but you can see what others are promoting, what new products and services are around, how well (or badly) ads are presented - and much other info.

- advertising and promotion
For the best benefits, create a "mix" of Traffic Exchange ads. Don't just try to sell - promote your giveaways, grow your profile and ALWAYS include ads to build your mailing list subscriptions.

- income generation
Remember that most "sellers" are also buyers - ask yourself the question "What do I have to sell that large numbers of advertiser-sellers need?" Then think about how you can differentiate your product or service from ALL similar ones, and even from other sellers of the same product. The key to this is clearly showing THE BENEFITS of your product

- features can be shown later in salescopy.

Become an affiliate

As a member of our affiliate program you will have all the benefits of a free member, and get additional benefits. It is fast, easy and totally free to become an affiliate. By joining our affiliate program, you can earn credits and get an extra exposure for your ads.

Community advertising

Adlandpro Community is a free networking and leads generation system. You can easily make your own community web page for everything. You can even use your community web page as the affiliate linked page to earn credits. Have a look our Community.

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