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If you have been marketing on the internet for more than a year or two, no doubt you have seen numerous websites and services promising you traffic to your website above and beyond the 1000's and 1000's of hits mark. Have you ever wondered if any of this is too good to be true?

From Rudolph Burzorg

I have found Adlandpro Free Classifieds to be most effective. Since joining Reality Millions in October of last year I have received Hits every day up to 30. I have not experienced anything like it in my 7, years on the Internet.

Here are just a few ways these types of hits can be generated:

  • Many of these sites use "hidden" tactics and other such methods to generate the impression of visits to your website.
  • Pop-Unders or Pop-Ups are terms used for a windows that pop up or under the rest of all your windows while you are surfing the internet.
  • People can use Auto-surfing technology to surf for ads and get paid to do it. This creates incentive for people to click on your ads without ever having any interest whatsoever in your offer.

Completely Eliminate E-Marketing Stress and Confusion

We understand that Internet Marketing is difficult enough without having to endure being taken for a ride by a company who makes its money as long as your website gets hits. The average person getting started on the Internet doesn't know about these types of schemes. We don't want you to fall prey to this type of false promotion. More importantly, we'd like to show you the best way to get started.

Work With a Company You Can Trust

For over 6 years, Adlandpro has grown in the Internet Promotion community and has established a reputation as one of the most credible, successful, and proven Classified Ad Promotion sites in the world. With over 300,000 users spanning the entire globe, most of our clients agree that we are the ones your business must turn to when you start thinking about promoting online. We are dedicated to your success as an online marketer and an independent business owner and our long-standing history is your guarantee.

Here's what a few of our customers have to say about us and our services:

From Chris Gibson

just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I love your service - you may not know that I have been in marketing over 13 years and since I market primarily on-line I heavily use Adlandpro's banner program - and I can tell you after tracking this for 4 months I can see that when I do not have impressions running I see a 30% reduction in sales - that is how effective your banners have been for me! Not to mention your customer service has been outstanding - it's a pleasure to have your link code on my site - but I just wanted to let you know I am recommending this to all my downline affiliates as the most effective banner advertising around.

Chris Gibson

From Jim Winner

You again demonstrate why I have your site "hooked up" at the top of all of my pages and I added the special Adland "site" page on my site.

You are a gentleman and a businessman.

Jim Winner

From Geoff Dodd

My banner ad. on AdlandPro pages is more than 10 times as effective as placing 12 different urls in 4,500 FFA links pages, after testing my ad. campaigns using Roibot.

Geoff Dodd

From Anita Foley

I just wanted to take a few seconds out of my crazy, busy day to let you know how much I appreciate Adlandpro. Your services are, by far, the best on the net. Your site is the only place where I can post my ads and actually find them in a search of my keywords! Your service is always available and I've never had a problem accessing the site. I have purchased banner campaigns from you and have gotten the best click-thru ever. Don't let this all go to your head, but I LOVE you guys!!!

Anita Foley

The Adlandpro Impression Program

  • Gives you the most amount of buyers for the least amount of effort. You get visitors who are ready to buy because you pre-qualify them through your ad message. These are not fake hits or pop-up traffic but genuine human interest

  • Slash expenses on your advertising and promotion thanks to our affordable credit-based system. Testing your ads on the Impressions Program costs as little as $18.00 and you can increase your promotion as desired.

  • Make your ad visible on so many websites and get the most exposure for your ad possible. Your ad is prominently displayed at the top of all our pages, on Adlandpro, the Community, and our very own custom pages all over the Internet.

  • Help you build a list of leads quickly through email. Our exclusive email notification system will alert you instantly, in real-time, when a visitor has clicked your ad with the added bonus that if the person who clicked it is one of our registered members, you will be given an option to follow up with that member.

  • Helps you learn effective marketing practices. Learn first-hand how to make your campaign effective without investing large amounts of money in the early stages. Experiment with your ad headlines using our statistics system and learn what types of ads work and which ones don't.

  • If you have no banners you can promote your site using a text ad and save on graphic design costs. If you would like a banner designed, we can design one for your business inexpensively.

  • Your ad is always displayed on the top of our pages and people will see your ad before anything else on the page loads.

  • The more attractive your ad, the more visitors your banner will attract. You can directly influence the amount of traffic you receive.

  • 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access to your ad online. Edit and Modify your ad to your liking at any time of day.

  • Gives you the option to deactivate your ad for any period of time saving you money if your site is down or you are doing maintenance.

No Matter Who You Are or Where You Are...

Our Adlandpro Impressions Program has been designed and tested carefully to ensure maximum success with minimal effort and investment. All you do is choose the ads you want to use for the program, grab some credits, and submit. That's it! Then you check your stats so that you can decide which ads are working and which don't. This helps you exploit your moneymaker ads while reworking or getting rid of old ones that don't work. The Impressions Program is Simple, Cost-Effective, and It Works!

Hundreds of Impressions for Pennies a Day

You can get started for as little as under a half a cent per display of your ad. Nowhere in any type of advertising medium can you get this much exposure for this small of an investment. Get 150 Targeted visitors to your site for the price of a cup of coffee!

Impression Credits Include The Following:

  • The Impression Credits you purchased for display of your ad
  • Access to the tracking system complete with graphs and other tools to help you track your success and make managing your ads so easy.
  • Notification Emails which notify you that someone has clicked on your ad the very instant they click.

Impression Service Pricing

Included Credits Bonus Credits Price
4,000 Impressions 8,000 $18.00 USD
8,000 Impressions 16,000 $34.00 USD
16,000 Impressions 32,000 $66.00 USD
32,000 Impressions 64,000 $130.00 USD

Enhancement Components

Use these additional components to further promote your ad. Full-color banners can stand out among text-ads and make your ad more attractive!

Select a banner to use from our gallery of pre-designed banners $10.00 USD


The Impressions Program Risk-Free Guarantee

If for any reason at all you are not satisfied with the Impressions Service from Adlandpro, we will give you any other service of your choice that we offer of equal or lesser value absolutely free and you can keep the remaining credits as well as any bonus credits as our gift just for trying out our program.

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P.S: The Impressions System really is an effective and affordable way for you to promote your site online. It provides numerous benefits that will help you catapult your business quickly without going through the scams of false hits and other types of fake traffic. You could be getting visitors to your website in as little as 5 minutes and it takes so little effort and time to set it all up that you'll be wondering why you didn't do it sooner. You'll be done in under ten minutes flat and you'll be glad you did. Don't wait for it and then kick yourself later for not taking advantage of it today. The bonus credits won't last forever!

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