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From Doug and Nancy Young

THANK YOU for such an outstanding program!
We just joined you two days ago and have had many emails AND new members from our AdlandPRO ads and affiliate program! We are VERY impressed!
Thank You Very Much!

Doug & Nancy Young

With The Adlandpro Paid Keyword Program You Get:

  • Instant Traffic. Skip all the time needed to build high search engine rankings and spend your spare time doing other, more enjoyable things. People find your site immediately after you are approved.
  • Increased click-thru rates by setting-up laser-focused Ad Groups, keywords and ad copy.
  • Keyword-Targeted Visitors to your website (you pay only for results) Quality Traffic.
  • Controlled advertising (view and analyze statistics, modify ads and bids). See how your ad is doing instantly!
  • Increased number of qualified visitors from research, expansion, and refinement of your current keyword phrases.
  • Low-Risk advertising. You pay only for the clicks that you receive.
  • 20,000 visitors to Adlandpro everyday which increases your ad’s visibility on the internet.

How It Works

If you bid 5 cents for the keyword "free classifieds" and another user bids 2 cents and one more user bids 7 cents, your ad will be listed second in the search results. To improve your ranking, all you would need to do is change your bid to 8 cents, and your ad would then be listed first. It will remain at the #1 position until a higher bid is placed for the keyword.

Why You Can't Possibly Lose With Pay Per Click

Paid search placement models are succeeding because consumers are finding relevant listings much faster on paid search engines, while at the same time, advertisers are only paying for qualified lead traffic on a per-click basis. This makes paid search engine listings a win-win situation and as a result, Paid Search Placement Sites are hundreds of times more effective than free search engines!

From Haywood Dejarnette

PPC works great! Cheers!

Haywood Dejarnette

Randy Harkins

I am so glad I found adland pro I get no fewer than two or three to as many as ten or twelve notices of visitors since I joined, in my opinion it works great I recommended it to a friend who has a landscaping business I am sure it will work great for him as well I rely on adland pro!

Randy Harkins

How Much?

Every ad in the paid keyword program benefits from:

  • Increased exposure

  • Increased traffic

  • Quality Targeted Leads

  • Instant Modification Access

  • Low Risk Factor

Although you may choose to start with more, the only requirement to begin using the Paid Keyword program is a minimum $10.00 in your Paid Keyword Account. It's so easy to get started, just click the button below to set up your ad if you haven't already got one, and then follow the instructions to start bidding on keywords.

Start Using The Paid Keywords Program

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P.S: The Paid Keyword Program makes an ideal way to start testing any ads that you have because of the extremely low initial cost. It makes perfect sense because you only pay for the clicks you receive. Even better still, these are real people who are genuinely interested in what you are offering. The $10.00 minimum start-up cost is negligible when you weigh it the benefits of using this Program such as this one. What are you waiting for?

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