Automatic Renewable Classified Ads

Ads on our classified system are constantly changing. Each time a new ad is placed, edited, or renewed, this ad climbs to the top of the results lists for those keyword(s) until another ad is placed after that one.

So how can you avoid being pushed to the bottom of the results lists? By subscribing to our Automatic Hourly Renewable Ad service. With this service, your ad is renewed every hour so it once again climbs to the top of the results lists on the Adlandpro Classified Ad System.

You can benefit from:

  • Hourly Classifed Ad Renewal - Saves you time by renewing your ad every hour automatically instead of you having to manually make small modifications to your ad and then updating it every hour.
  • Affordable Promotion - For the price of a lunch, you can have your ad placed at the top of the results lists time and time again and get more potential customers viewing and clicking your ads.
  • Automatic Subscription Renewal - Once you have subscribed to this service, you will not need to re-apply the service to the ad each month. We will do this automatically and debit the subscription fee from your account until you decide to cancel the service.
  • Additional Exposure - All ads which are subscribed to our Automatic Renewal service receive the added bonus of Bold Underlined Headings in a larger font as well as Highlighted Ad Body Text for additional visibility. Notice the difference in appearance below:


As you can clearly see, it makes perfect sense to use the Automatic Hourly Renewable Ad Service from Adlandpro because it gives your ad the edge against ads that are not renewable, especially when the keywords you select are popular ones (ie: Business Opportunities, For Sale, etc).

Don't get left behind. Take advantage of the Automatic Hourly Ad Renewal Service from Adlandpro and make your ad stand out in front of the competition!

Subscribing is easy! Click the button below to subscribe.

Limited Time Subscription Bonus Offer:

Sign up now to receive 300 FREE displays of your ad on our Traffic Exchange service and 300 FREE ad displays on our Banner Impression Service!

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Doug & Nancy Young

THANK YOU for such an outstanding program! We just joined you two days ago and have had many emails AND new members from our AdlandPRO ads and affiliate program! We are VERY impressed! Thank You Very Much!

Doug & Nancy Young

Jessica Baez

It has been over a year that I have been using your services and I am so
happy not only with how well your services are, but also how wonderful your customer service is. I never seen another company reply so fast, with
such accuracy, and informative information to my full satisfaction. I
never had to make a 2nd request for any inquiry that I made. You are so
professional and polite and it is a pleasure doing business with you. I plan on doing business with you for many years to come. Thank you for running
such a wonderful and honest company.

Jessica Baez

Damon Smith

So far I have been impressed with the $7.95 renewal program so I am trying the $10 program to see how it works. Adland Pro has been a good resource so far for me even though I am only getting a few people per month looking at my page.

Subscribe To Automatic Hourly Renewable Service

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