Get to Know All of Your Visitors

Trying to track an ad campaign by yourself is like trying to remember 1000 people's names who introduced themselves to you in under 3 minutes.

It is a known fact that having all the information you can about your customer is critical if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Countless companies each year spend billions of dollars on researching markets and customers in an effort to find ways to grow and markets they may have to discontinue servicing. They know that this type of information is vital to them if they want to stay in business in today's rapidly changing world. In fact, Adlandpro in its early stages made extensive use of this tool.

You Need This Information To Stay In Business

Many business owners know that consumer information is important. Many plan to implement some form of market research or tracking "as soon as they can afford it". The reality is, can you afford NOT to do it? There are so many reasons to sign up with our URL Tracker today that there is no reason not to put this crucial service to work for you.

Signing Up With The URL Tracker Service Will Help You...

  • Save money. With tracking for up to 10 campaigns/URLS, detailed reports, and a low monthly subscription fee this service will save you some serious money.
  • Gain the advantage over competitors with our multi-campaign tracker statistics. This gives you detailed report information up to the minute on all of your visitors for all your campaigns. With instant reports, you can react faster than you or your competitors ever thought possible to changes in traffic. The difference between failure and success can sometimes be measured in hours.
  • Learn in a short time which ads are working and which are not. Save tons of money by deleting or ceasing promotion on campaigns that are not bringing you income.
  • Discover new markets and potential income - Sometimes your URL Tracker will track clicks from places you didn't even know existed; other countries for example. If you can find people here looking for your product, congratulations, you may just have found a brand new market to cater to.
  • Receive the most accurate and reliable reports with our Unique URLS. Our system was designed to replace the URLS you are currently using with our own Unique and pinpoint-accurate traffic-monitoring URLS.
  • Enjoy hassle-free tracking because there are no scripts to upload, no programs to download and install. All your management is done with your web browser in a few easy steps.
  • Affordable - For a minimal investment, this service could save your online business from becoming just another casualty of the dot-com war and can potentially help you make more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Because Adlandpro is committed to providing you with tools and resources that will bring your business online success, we have created this utility so that our promoters can have the edge against other promoters. For only $6.50 per month USD, this is the most inexpensive way to track customers, the most convenient and simple way to monitor your traffic, and one of the most practical tools you will ever use. The URL Tracker Service is a must for your online business and ordering just couldn't be easier.

Buy this service

P.S. Here's a quick tip for you. By using this utility, your business could earn so much more money by giving you the information you need to stay ahead. Simple and affordable mean less hassle for less money and in terms of business, anything that delivers this much convenience and this many benefits has got to be worth looking into. We really do hope you try this.

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